Easily Remove Glitter Nail Polish!

UPDATE: Hey guys! I just did one nail in the video for you as a demonstration. You will want to do all your nails at once. That way, once you get to wrapping up your tenth finger you can check back on the first finger you wrapped, and depending on the type of glitter you used, it may already be done! 🙂


  • OPI DS Temptation
  • Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil


  1. the glitter nailpolish coats were too thick

  2. did you know if you take a buffer you can buff of the glitter in a couple minutes.

  3. it worked well, but i had to tape it

  4. I feel like as if when you removed the cotton ball and foil, that you already had a bare nail. I tried this exactly how you did and all I had what a wad of cotton stuck all over my nail which was really just an even bigger mess for me to clean up.

  5. Does the cuticle oil smell like nail polish or like nail polish remover?

  6. Does the nail polish remover have to have acetone for this to work?

  7. how much is the gel?

  8. Thank you!!! I needed a way to remove the glitter

  9. Does this work with non acetone nail polish remover too

  10. Aint nobody got time for dat

  11. As a professional nail tech I'd like to thank you for mentioning the importance of massaging the cotton ball on the nail before removing AND the importance of using a nail oil to rehydrate your nail. I actually would suggest, for protection, to use the oil before AND after. If you put it around the cuticle before using the acetone cotton ball it will protect the nail & skin from the dehydration. Great tips! Thank you!

  12. This is awesome. I wear a lot of of glitter nail polish, I just hate removing it. I'm going to use this technique next time. Thank you for the video.

  13. If you don't have cuticle oil, you can always use Vaseline instead 🙂 

  14. Boy you have nooo idea how much this vid helped me my nails were stained and u started peeling at my nails thank you!?

  15. How do you keep your nails nice and long? Mine always tend to break and be short

  16. Beautiful nails!!! With and without polish!!

  17. I have nail polish remover pads with no acetone and it worked just fine with the aluminum foil

  18. I have square cotton pads instead of cotton balls. I just cut them into nail width strips, use tweezers to dip them in remover, and set them on my nail. By the time I'm done with the five fingers on one hand, I can go back to the first finger. I just apply some pressure to the nail+cotton and pull it off my finger (like she does in the video!)
    And just go back with a qtip/cotton swab to get the edges. Works quick and easy every time 🙂

  19. What f you dont have cudicle oil?

  20. Love this video! 🙂 +TammyTimeTV 

  21. Since I don't have a base coat I use the top coat as my base coat let it dry and paint my nails and then let it dry and I could peel my polish off easily so easy

  22. Can you use the same cotton ball you used on the previous finger or do i have to change each cottonball?

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