EASY 4th of July Burst Nail Art

Happy 4th of July!! Hope you all have a great holiday! And if you don’t celebrate it, I still hope you have an awesome day! 🙂


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  1. One more thing…. Do u use Whatsapp ???

  2. I had already told u….. U r best in the field of nails…. Keep it up dear…..

  3. Do you reuse the same pieces of tape, or do you use fresh tape for each nail?

  4. I always have the problem of when I paint multiple colors on my nails even if they've dried for a day or two when I go to add a top coat it smears the colors. Any Suggestions? Thanks!!

  5. Really nice. Tape give us a lot of options!! FB Sonia Pons Nail Art

  6. Awesome! I've never thought of using painters tape! I just use regular tape, but it looks like this work a lot better.

  7. Where do you get the tape from

  8. Perfect! It reminded me of fireworks. I already did a fourth of july nail design, but this one is sure to be on my nails the next fourth of july!

  9. I love it! And I'm not from America.

    I must ask: Where are you from? Because hannah is more in Israel… So I didn't know it's also in America

  10. Lol who's the one person who disliked this vid???

  11. Wow Hannah I love these 4th of July nails tutorial their so cute and adorable

  12. Those are awesome I might do that for the Fourth of July

  13. Awesome, these aren't your average patriotic nails.

  14. You always have the cutest and easiest nail art <3

  15. I really love your designs!
    Thanks for all the good ideas!☆☆☆☆☆

  16. Oh my gosh! This is so awesome.
    Love it

  17. +HannahRoxNails this Mani is perfect happy early fourth of July 🙂 love it videos

  18. it kinda reminds me of the wonder woman 'W' but with silver! i like it tho!

  19. Currently doing this to my nails! Love this design! ❤️?

  20. Oh I just love this Mani! Do you think I could just use regular tape instead of painters tape? I don't have any painters tape.

  21. Your nails are literally the epitome of perfection.

  22. Wow no dislikes this far yeah I don't like when the haters hate Hannah's video cause that makes me sad and luv the tutorial Hannah ?????? big fan

  23. This is such a cute idea? I think I'll do it on my nails tonight?

  24. Awesome! So perfect that I was actually looking for a July nail look! What a coincidence! 😀

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