Easy 4th of July Nail Art

❤ For this video, I teamed up with Sally Hansen to bring you another fun and festive design that’s perfect for 4th of July! I used White On, Pucker Up, and Pacific Blue from Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear line to create this look! A trio-pack of these colors is available at Target.

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  1. she makes it look so easy but when I do it looks like a big Brown blob!

  2. What type of lights do you use Hannah? 🙂

  3. Hey Hanna could you please do an updated nail routine and nail shape/filling ? I'd like to learn how do you maintain your rounded nails! Loved the video as always!

  4. Hannah I have a really important question about your thumbnail! Please respond

  5. Wait…i thought Hannah has over 1 mil of subs? What? Where did they all go? You should have way more!

  6. Hey I'm just starting YouTube and I was wondering for one of my first videos do you think me and you could do a swap

  7. Omg I just realized that you're pixie polish!!! I used to love your channel when I was younger! Ahh! Four years later and I found you again! So cool!!!

  8. Is the original formula of Pacific Blue back in stock? ?

  9. hannah when u have done a natural design with normal polish how long do u wait to top coat cos for some reason even if I wait an hour I still get a tiny smudge which obviously hurts my designs.

  10. Love this so much I'm gonna go try it right now

  11. This is the easiest American flag design tutorial I've ever seen!!???? It also looks super cute at the same time!!!??????

  12. I love how your videos are so short, but yet you teach a lot just by those 32 seconds. Love this nails❣

  13. A oui ses vrais vous ses le 4 juillet nous ses le 14, ses plus long

  14. Love this! and hey name twins! XD lol

  15. i love this design even though i am greek and not american? (so sorry if i spelled anything wrong??)love you hannah??

  16. My birthday is on July 4th??????????????????????????

  17. Miss Hannah, I will be trying this one for Monday. Thx?

  18. eye twitches hands ball into fists becomes eagle flies across the world dropping mcdonalds MURICAAAAAAAA

  19. woww i love it!you do the most creative ideas ever!love you?

  20. great idea! Thanks for the video 🙂

  21. I love your videos so much Hannah! I am going to try out this manicure?

  22. Nice I'll look into it!?❤️????

  23. wow so easy and simple I love it!!????and any advice on starting a small channel?

  24. Yay, congrats Hannah on the sponsorship! love it so much. (Btw this is Samantha, I just changed my name and picture lol)

  25. Not to be hateful but the red and white should be switched in order to be more accurate to the US flag

  26. Cute and simple!

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