Easy accent nail art tutorials – compilation!

This is a compilation of a bunch of my 15sec nail art tutorials that were uploaded to my Instagram page


  1. Actual nail art on this channel???

  2. I was watching this while I was doing my homework (and I had it on silent because in public) and the memories of Cristine messing up and frantically cussing was enough to make me have the will power to keep going. Thank you :')

  3. The pink and navy stripes were so cute before the gold tip ?

  4. aaah those days which cristine made nails tourtorial ??

  5. Dose anyone know of easy DIY nail vinle

  6. I like this vid a lot because I only have the energy for an accent nail sometimes instead of a whole nail art look, but also because this is the length my nails are instead of the really long ones she has now

  7. Wow Cristine is so chill in this video

  8. OMG she said “hey guys” instead of “holo everyone it’s me Cristine again”

  9. 1:31 that kinda looks like the trans flag

  10. The way she talks is so different now wow

  11. But….. the last one was my favourite…..

  12. Where did these free hand skills go?

  13. Cristine is still a fetus here??

  14. Why did I think it said accident nail designs?

  15. Y is this in my recommendations in 2017 what

  16. But that was fetus time so we good now

  17. Start talking in your videos! ?

  18. Right now it’s October 2017 and looking back at Cristine doing nailart makes me feel like I’m EXTREEEEME time traveling…

  19. omg this is so weird without her voice over the art

  20. An idea for a video is when you could pick a peely from your peely bag and try your best to recreate it. Like if you agree

  21. I actually really liked the last one. The way it looked messy was kinda cool ❤❤❤?

  22. You should go through your peely bag and pick one and then recreate them!!!

  23. To my fellows Americans, at 5 below there is a liquid latex nail barrier for $5.

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