Easy Beach Hairstyles Tutorial

Here’s a quick & easy beach hairstyles tutorial for you! This how to will have you ready for the beach or the pool, whatever you have planned this summer!

I wanted to try to do some hairstyles that can get wet while you’re at the beach or pool and still look good! Some of these are better in and out of the water than others, particularly the braids! Another bonus is that these can be totally heatless, which is good because who has tons of time on beach day? I hope you love these!


  1. I was wondering if you could do a double Dutch fishtail tutorial?

  2. Can you do something for Asian hair lol? I know it's different than your hair.

  3. I was trying the Dutch braided buns and got really confused. I can Dutch braid my hair but when I tried doing it upside down I completely failed. Can you do a tutorial on how to Dutch braid upside down?

  4. These are all gorgeous but sadly I have a face that doesn't suit any of these 🙁 Sigh.

  5. loooove it! especially the 3rd and last one ???

  6. Love this! Definitely going to try some of them out!

  7. I could not Dutch braid at all and you helped me and now I love braiding so much ??????

  8. Your hair always starts out so perfect! Would you consider doing a tips and tricks video for blow drying your hair!

  9. can you do wet hairstyles for short hair?

  10. Have you thought about hairstyles involving hair sticks? I have a couple but I feel like I'm wearing the same 2-3 styles with them all the time, and it can get pretty boring! I'm really busy in the mornings and don't always have time for longer or more fiddly hairstyles, but sticks are usually great because they're cute and easy, but they're getting pretty repetitive, so it would be really cool if you had ideas for ways to style your hair with hair sticks. 🙂

    Love your videos btw, I've been following you for nearly a year now, and I keep getting compliments on the cute hairstyles I've been learning from you 🙂

  11. what happened to the Daenerys (Khaleesi) hair style you posted of the teaser trailer!?!?!? I was going to do my sister's hair that style, but when I went to find it, it was gone from existence!! At least I took a screen shot that I can copy from…

  12. Kayley you are just as amazing, talented, and creative as always! I live at the beach, and these hairstyles are perfect. =)

  13. I LOVE Those sunglasses! checked the listed site, and out of over a thousand literal pairs? THOSE spacific ones are nowhere to be found 🙁

  14. Can you make a video similar for short hair?

  15. absolutely obsessed with how you filmed this video, it's so fun and fresh! I love the hairstyles too, definitely going to be trying them out this summer!

  16. hey Kayley. I don't know for sure if you will see this, but what the heck? Anyway, I just wanted to say that I love you a lot and I hope you will continue to make great hair tutorials! Recently I have tried to go heatless and it has been one heck of a battle. I am always styling my hair whenever I go out of the house (which is quite a bit), but the hairstyles in this video helped A LOT! Thanks a lot! hope you are having a great summer!

  17. Can you do a video on black hair that will show up

  18. Could you please do Legolas and Tauriel's hairstyles from the Hobbit? That'd be awesome:)

  19. did I miss the fishtail braid tutorial? I only see the link for the dutch braid.

  20. I coudn't do the Dutch Braid Buns, I tried like 3 times ??

  21. Kayley please please make a video on how to braid with layered hair cuz i hav layered hair and when i braid them hair just petrudes from everwhere after a minute or two

  22. so beautiful 😀 I love the Khaleesi hairstyle! Would you do a video showing the outfits that you wore in this video?

  23. These headbands you use are gorgeous ? where did you get them from?

  24. Love all of these! Very pretty! Blessings!

  25. omg the last hairstyle was so beautiful and definitely my favorite! gonna try to wear that to the beach next time.

  26. I can't braid on the bottom of my head

  27. Can you do more beach/summer hairstyles but for shorter hair?

  28. Oh, I've been following you for so long and I still love your videos so much! It seems as if our hair structure is really similar. My hair is long and I have a lot of them. However, each individual hair is really fine/ thin. I love taking inspiration from what you're doing 🙂 Hopefully, from tomorrow on i will have a nice fresh balayage on my hair and it will feel more summery again 🙂 Lots of love from Berlin, Germany <3

  29. Thanks Kaley I worked on the second revision and succeeded

  30. omg this is perfect, I'm not gonna make it to the beach this summer but I'm going to a lake this Tuesday and I need some good hairstyles. Thank you Kayley!!

  31. I don know how to say this in english, but in spanish we say: te estás poniendo muy bonita… maybe it would be just: you are getting prettier!!
    Hugs from Mexico!! Ive been here for 5 years and you are getting better and better with the hair, edition, lights, everething!! ??????

  32. Can you do a video with the beach braids for short hair please

  33. Please do a makeup tutorial on this look. Your makeup looks so gorgeous and glowy!

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