Easy Black/Grey Smokey Eye


  1. Honestly this seems more like a religious experience rather than a makeup tutorial

  2. what lipcolour you're wearing?

  3. Lemme join your cult ?? This eye tutorial is AMAZING thank you! Also the way you edited this video with the snake is just pure art

  4. Omg seriously what the hell is that LOVE IT ??????

  5. You take makeup tutorials to a whole new level.

  6. Just found your channel. Your videos are a pleasure to watch. So different from the usual ho-hum beauty/lifestyle tutorials and videos. Very creative.

  7. I love your creativity! what's the track playing in the background?

  8. You have demons inside you. They influence you and control you. You aren't you. You are them. Free yourself from them. There's only one way. Search for the truth.

  9. This is so fucking weird but I'm envious of your confidence when it comes to going braless. I have this weird complex about the size of my chest and I always feel that my chest is too small to fill things out properly if I go braless.

  10. what is your hair color? dark brown or black =D

  11. the music is giving me cleopatraa vibes ??

  12. I seriously love this video so much.

  13. But why am I getting chamber of secret vibes? ?

  14. idk if its the smoky eyes or the music! but in this video you look like an arab celebrity !!

  15. i wish I had blue eyes damn ugh

  16. when the video ended I feel like I've just come from a long voyage in space

  17. This was literally the best makeup tutorial I have ever seen. So Cinematic! 😀 xx

  18. This video reminds me of earlier Michelle Phan's videos. So tranquil.

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