EASY Blue Ocean Nail Art (with just a brush!)

Super EASY BLUE OCEAN SUMMER NAIL ART! Enjoy, thanks for watching and please SHARE! 🙂

Products used:

  • Sally Hansen – Diamond Flash Top Coat
  • Sally Hansen – Blue Me Away!
  • Sally Hansen – Blue My Mind
  • Sally Hansen – Breezy Blue
  • Sally Hansen – Dive In


  1. It's not better than ur other designs… ????

  2. Its nice… But u have also done sme mistakes

  3. This so good. I think you should win for the nail art contest

  4. These are gorgeous nails! I love it!

  5. i did my nails like this yesterday, it looks good, people commented on it x

  6. Can you do an Alice in Wonderland nail art tutorial ? 🙂

  7. I Love the colors you use for this design.
    Great Job.

  8. This is a nail design that i can't mess up on….. But eventually will. You make it seem so easy!!

  9. Can you watch my channel thanks

  10. You should do a camo nail art next just a suggestion btw I love all the nail art you do

  11. as soon as she said dive in I was like OOOOOH I'M ABOUT TO DIVE IN

  12. This is super cute thanks for sharing!

  13. Gorgeous! I have all these colors. Must give it a try!

  14. GORGEOUS! And FINALLY! I comment on a video the day it comes out!! this nail art design is so easy and simple yet so BEAUTIFUL! Do you know when the Sally Hansen contest ends? Thanks!

    Paulina! 🙂

  15. How do u clean ur brush after using nail polish? Wont it get hard and cant be use anymore?

  16. Do you let each color dry in between or just apply each color while the previous color is still wet?

  17. Gorgeous! So simple yet so effective!

  18. Loving it! Thinking about trying it with different colours as I do not own that many blues.

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