Easy Camouflage Nail Art

This nail art design reminds me of Peeta from The Hunger Games 😉

  • the matte top coat is from an icing by claire’s store


  1. woww very nice thank you for learning us .

  2. omg, thanks for sharing!! 🙂

  3. One day before my bd this vid was uploaded

  4. could you do an Irish design??? anything at all i just want to be able to do something on my nails that represents my country 🙂

  5. wow can you make a high top shoe for nails or try at least please

  6. Thanks like bubblegumchick said camo is super hot in 2013. I am doing this ASAP

  7. Use pop music instead of just regular music. U need songs!!!!!

  8. I look up this because my dad is a hunter it's so cool

  9. Please make warm bodies nails!!

  10. this reminds me of Duck Dynasty:)

  11. what was the dark green polish used called? thanks x

  12. Are you the one who did 365 day challenge? Wear u did a diferant nail desine a day??

  13. my uncle was a mirine so i love this vid!

  14. what brand is the matt top coat

  15. PLEASE TELL ME WHAT LIGHT GREEN POLISH YOU USE!!!! I really want one and that looks lovely

  16. I'd realy like this desighn but I don't have dark green or brown :[

  17. Could you do one with different shades of pink and purple instead?

  18. I do not have the colours 🙁

  19. I Don't Have The Colours 🙁

  20. How offen do u change the design on ur nails land do u ever re-use ur designs ( thts a stupid question but wateva)

  21. @cathmonsterhigh297 she's from Canada

  22. I'm a military child, so I'm gonna be sporting this design all April. (April is the month of the military child)

  23. Could you do a digital camo tutorial? Pretty please with a cherry on top?! Thumbs up so she can see please!

  24. i looked up pics of camo nails— your ones are by far the best

  25. Can u please do beginner nail art with no tools please I'm very bad with nail art but love doing my nails

  26. Oooooh I love it!!! Out to buy brown nail polish!!

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