Easy Candy Cane Nail Art

♡ Cutepolish’s Commentary
Candy Cane Nails are my favorite design to wear during the holiday season. These are just so glittery and gorgeous — photos don’t do justice!

♡ Products Used
♥ Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Hardener
♥ China Glaze Hey Sailor
♥ Whiter Striper
China Glaze Love Marilyn
♥ Essie Good To Go Top Coat

♡ Music
♥ Kevin MacLeod


  1. This made me huuuuuuuuuuuungry * O *

  2. ummm just a thought, but shouldnt the colors be the other way around because aren't candy canes mainly white? Well, that just what i thought but i may be wrong… :/

  3. Hm I wish candy canes were sparkly in real life…

  4. I tried this design today! It kind of failed though… heh…heh….

  5. I just water marbled this design and it looks just as good! Love it!

  6. im doing this nail design right now literally! its so nice and festive for the christmas season

  7. can I use thin strips of tape for this too? 

  8. Can I use gold Glitter instead of red?

  9. ur voice is so soothing 🙂

  10. She has a weird voice it's scary

  11. I think she has a cold in this video

  12. This is so easy, but also beautiful! ♥

  13. It's July and I'm counting down to Christmas!

  14. Cool it's summer and I'm watching this lol:D

  15. Now i can't wait for christmas!!!

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