Easy Cinderella Updo for A Breakfast At Tiffany’s

This updo is perfect and is easier than you think! Also, without the headband, this would be great for a Breakfast At Tiffany’s updo!!

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  1. beautiful golden blonde hair

  2. Those bangs are haunted

  3. Is there a tutorial for the make up you did?

  4. Wow!!! you are a gorgeous cinderella!

  5. Can you please do the Cinderella live action hair ?

  6. where to buy it? (the long one.) can I buy online? the long one

  7. ابعاتو اشعار جديدة عشان جميلة

  8. I have honestly never seen such a perfect face!! you are perffffectly beautiful ??

  9. hoygan estamos en panama españolllll?????daaaaa escriban en españolllllll q si ella no entiende q no entienda q estamos en panama

  10. por que no hablas español ?????

  11. Your long hair looks beautiful but bangs also look super cute on you 😀 You're so pretty <3

  12. This tutorial is really great! You look great with bangs, btw!

  13. Oh my god you are so beautiful just like angle ?

  14. عصمؤمكبخستشfyeo

  15. Has anyone tried to do this with a wig?

  16. I'm going to disguise myself as a spooky Cinderella for halloween and I was wondering how I would do my hair, the animated cartoon or like in the movie with Ella's hairstyle. Now I know how to do the cartoon hairstyle, it'll be an easy task.

  17. When I was a kid I used to think cinderella ties her hair with the blue ribbon. I ever tried that many times :p lol 😛

  18. you look like Cinderella even without makeup..?

  19. Oh my god you are so beautiful just like angle ?

  20. すごく参考になります♥

  21. I love this!! ❤️ I can't wait to try this for my Cinderella costume.
    Question: Do you know where I can get the hair cannoli? The link to Sally Beauty doesn't work, and I wasn't able to find it in their search. Thanks!!

  22. woow very nice thank you ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  23. Kayley looks so cute with bangs!!!

  24. what do you mean for halloween

  25. This is the best authentic style

  26. في قناتي ڤيديوهات اشتركوا واليشترك يكتب تم

  27. I think she should do Megara tutorial.

  28. Now that's why I want My Model for!!!!!!!!! I love watching hairstyles tutorials!! I love your video! I love cinderella! I'm gonna dress up like her! Thank you for this tutorial! it helped a lot! ♡♥♡♥

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