Easy Cut Crease Tutorial for Beginners

Hi loves! This video is sort of the most requested video I got so hopefully you like it and it’s helpfull
X If you have any looks that you want me to make please let me know in the comments. XOXO


  1. Does it work with a NYC concealer?

  2. The easiest cut crease explanation of all! Thanks. I finally understand how I can do this now.

  3. Does anyone know what kind of brush she is using to make the cut crease?

  4. thank you so much for make it easy for me. ❤❤

  5. Finally!!! Someone who says Anastasia and not Onnastosia

  6. You are the cut crease queen!

  7. thank you.
    what number brush did you use to apply the concealer when making the cut crease?

  8. i have hooded eyes and larger than life lids but all your tips are amazing thank you ??????????????

  9. I could honestly sit and watch you all day, every day.

    One thing I have been noticing more recently is that you sound more confident in yourself. I used to feel so bad for you as you would say negative things about yourself in some videos and now you sound happier, more upbeat and loads more confident. Loving it!!

    Love you lots like jelly tots!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. Thanks for making that video. Can you please tell me which makeup brushes are nice?

  11. thank you for posting this video ! I am a beginner.

  12. I've tried doing a cut crease and used the same mac concealer in the same shade also but whenever I start the crease it ends up transferring further up and then ruining the line. I just can't seem to keep it clean and tidy, where am I going wrong?? ?

  13. i love your voice so muuuuccchhhhh???soo cutee voiceeee and yeaaah i m craaazzyyy about u ❤❤ and your eyebrows ?? i m died ??you are so beautifull ??? your makeup are the besssstttt??? i love you so muuuccchhhh ???❤❤❤i am your snapchat follower❤❤❤????

  14. an,pleease if you have some staff that you don't need enymore,or are almost empty,please can you give it to me? i can't afford those things never in my life.love you

  15. je moet echt iets aan je engelse uitspraak doen

  16. what if i have deep set eyes? the cut crease cannot been seen!

  17. you are so beautiful and awsome

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