Easy DIY Halloween Treats & Recipes + More

Pumpkin, spice, and everything nice!

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  1. This treats Look so yummy ans beatiful ?

  2. I love ur videos y'all the best cookers ever and I'm going to make them for my Halloween party also my b-day was on the 7 of this momth

  3. kids that are wathing this

    child: mom can you buy some vodka

    mom: nooo how do you know what vodka is

    child: so yummy

  4. احلى واجمل قناه …واحب الافكار ودائمن اتعلم منها ?

  5. I really wanna do these and I haven’t even watched the vid yet lol

  6. I always enjoy these videos, thanks got making them

  7. 3:04 how does peanut butter just dump out like that

  8. Ι love so yummy

  9. Could you please make a Halloween pumpkin pie


  11. Why do loads of these have to do with peanuts and peanut butter when I'm allergic to it

  12. I though that Halloween was supposed to be for kids and you are mixing vodka in it wow ???????????????????????????????????

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