EASY DIY Tumblr Inspired Clothes! | NO SEW

Outfit #1

  1. Shirt – ShopTobi
  2. Jeans- Romwe
  3. Vest- Forever 21
  4. Shoes: Urban Planet

Outfit #2

  1. Tank Top – Urban Planet
  2. Joggers- Sirens
  3. Cardigan – Brandy Melville
  4. Shoes: Urban Planet

Outfit #3

  1. Crop Top – Brandy Melville
  2. Jeans- ShopTobi
  3. Shoes: Urban Planet


  1. Look Great The Outfits Look Good ??????????

  2. Those were really awesome and cute Nicoletta???????????

  3. did the crochet lace stay on the shirt in the wash?

  4. I love the black crop top with the lace!!

  5. love the song in the beginning, what is it called

  6. can u plz make a video on how to do crop tops DIY PLZ !!!!!!!

  7. I love the jeans! So cool!?

  8. I love the crop top…but my tummy doesn't live me to wear it.

  9. The crop top is my favourite, it's so cute. I have a black crop top which is a bit too short so I'm gonna put some crochet lace on it so it's not as short xxx

  10. The first song is Ghost by Halsey

  11. Thanks for the clothes inspiration

  12. Loved this! does anybody know the song at the start

  13. the lace crop top looked fabulous

  14. i like them all…i think i like the tank top the most. thanks for the ideas. ?

  15. where did you get your dark blue jeans in 2:32? so in love with it. great job on the video 🙂

  16. so cutee xx whoever is reading this you are soso amazing and gorgeous x hv an amazing day/night <3

  17. need to know the name of the first song in the vid

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