HEY GUYS!! Welcome back! I decided to film an easy and natural back to school makeup using all drugstore products. I haven’t been doing many back to school videos this year so sorry for being a little late with this one! hope you guys enjoy! -Roxi


  1. No offense but,
    Your thumbnails are very cringy?

  2. You should give us places to go to get these nice products! I love them! And they're affordable and work as good as make up that's like 36 dollars!?

  3. I live in the Netherlands, and here it doesn’t matter how much makeup you wear 🙂
    For me it’s weird to hear that in some schools it’s not allowed.

  4. No matter how much makeup u wear at my school they don’t mind they let us

  5. Would you ever go cruelty free x

  6. I think you forgot to link the products but this is such a pretty look x

  7. Hey love your vid!!! But where's the list of products you used? ❤️❤️

  8. If you guys want a affordable drugstore foundation that’s not a stick foundation, the melani foundation is a really good

  9. Her voice is so sweet ??

  10. In our school we use blush and mascara and a light brown or an warm color and a lip tint

  11. Please could you do another hairstyle video for back to school, I always find them rly helpful, love ur videos keep doing what ur doing !!! Xxx

  12. My school let's us wear any kind of make up

  13. Why isn’t she bleaching her roots? Is she pregnant? ?

  14. Can u make a Video about youre hair Routine or how u do youre hair and what do u usw. for youre hair plssss

  15. Loved you hair so much today!!!! X

  16. Okay so in my school we have wear uniforms which consist of a yellow shirt and maroon tunic till the knee. With yellow socks and black shoes. Also a tie and belt. Like what the actual….!? And also noooo absolutely noo makeup is allowed. Fml ?

  17. Well in my school, we wear uniforms, and no makeup is allowed… FUN

  18. Omg i love it I searched this up the other day but fiund nothing this is perfect

  19. U look gorgeous i love you so much? btw pls do a back to school morning routine i love watching that type of video✨?

  20. Uwielbiam Cię oglądać ponieważ masz śliczny akcent i przez to uczę się angielskiego ?

  21. natural is my go to for back to school! Thank you I love this look so much.

  22. love this vid , your brows are so nice do you tint them or have you had them tattooed? xx

  23. So I love with this look. About to head to the drugstore asap!

  24. The only reason why your breaking out is because of your skin reaction with the foundation

  25. You should wash your beautyblender with a soap bar. And you have to massage it in your soap bar. Trust me it’s the best hack ever??✨✨ I really like you motivation btw. Love your energy and I hope you have a nice day/night. XO Chris

  26. You’re videos don’t come out on Wednesday anymore 🙁 I can’t wait a whole day love your videos so so so much

  27. Can you do more back to school video

  28. In our school any makeup is allowed

  29. In my school we are not allowed makeup but most girls still wear it and the teachers don't say anything but they will tell you to take it off if its a lot

  30. Yea we can wear makeup here in New York… we’ve always had as far as I know… I was born in 98??‍♀️

  31. I find it really confusing that so many schools have such strict rules about makeup. In my school we were allowed to wear as much makeup as we want

  32. my school allow us to wear makeup??????love that,i always go for my total drama makeup

  33. She already had makeup on and the beginning of the video you can literally see it creasing

  34. It's so similar to my every day simple makeup routine!!

  35. No we can't.. Just lip tint.. BY THE WAY I AM VRINDA FROM INDIA

  36. At my school you are aloud to wear natural makeup but there is sooo many people with block eyebrows that aren’t anywhere near their hair colour and orange cake faces so yeah. I do wear makeup but I don’t really wear foundation unless it’s non uniform mainly as I don’t have the time?

  37. Love you soo much roxiii???❤❤❤

  38. I start my new job tomorrow, so I’m going to use this tutorial as inspiration as to how to do my makeup ? I’m all about bold colours, so it’s great to see some natural makeup inspiration! Xx

  39. Yes I am wear makeup but only very natural xx

  40. we r aloud makeup when we are in year 10. I am in year 8 and sometimes wear concealer but that it it

  41. I can’t ware makeup in school?

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