Easy Everyday Eye Makeup Tutorial


  1. Hey Cuties this is the last look using the foiled palette from this week. Hope you enjoy this. I'm at the moment in London and will be back Sunday night. I will try to answer your comments asap. Thanks for all the love this week. You guys are amazing ♥️

  2. Love u video ❤❤❤ You are so awesome ???Best regards from Poland ??

  3. Just discovered your channel and your eye looks are amazing.

  4. These are my colors that I love to wear! I might have to get this pallet! Thank you so much

  5. Ready to try it in the early hours of the morning but of course it is too late and time for bed! You inspire me so much!

  6. Your makeup the best ❤❤❤ fully inspired by you?❤?

  7. An, you are superb!! Amazing talent ! I have been watching all your videos and trying some of your looks. Unfortunately, my skin has large pores and wrinkles around the eyes which makes the eyeshadow very difficult to blend smoothly and give a nice finish to it. It is never flawless. 🙁 Congratulations and please keep posting these marvellous and enchanted looks !

  8. It is so nice to watch you — why the rush?

  9. I love how simpel but still beautiful this look is. It looks like you put a lot of effort in creating this look, but it's so easy love it ?

  10. Where did you purchase the eye shields from?

  11. Beautiful look! ? Looks super easy to do as well ? Going to try to do this!

  12. mam your eye shade combination great ???????????

  13. Very beautiful look An, but that definitely not for every day ?? this would take me 30 min to pull off!

  14. Adorei o novo estilo de vídeo! Estava querendo ver algo diferente de cut crease! Amei! Sucesso sempre! Bjusss ? from Rio de janeiro / Brasil.

  15. Are you affiliated with balm cosmetics? Not wrong with that just wondering

  16. love this look An! more easy-but-still-look-like-you-put-in-a-lot-of-effort tutorials please! x

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