Easy Everyday Smoked out Bronze Makeup Tutorial

Hey Cuties! ♡ Here’s my very first talk through makeup tutorial. I really hope you enjoy the video. I put a lot of effort in the editing and it took me bit longer then normally because of that, I’m happy with how the quality came out. Let me know if you have any feedback on anything in this video. Is it too long? Am I talking to much or do I need to talk more? Any tips would be welcome! ♡ I just wanna give you the video’s you wanna see and sometimes I don’t know what people really like to see in a video so hopefully you can help me with this. Ofcourse I’ll keep doing my glam looks like always don’t worry about that! ♡


⇢ Bobbi Brown Vitamin enriched face base
⇢ The new Bobbi Brown Skin longwear weightless foundation shade Natural
⇢ Benefit Cosmetics Porefessional primer
⇢ Colourpop no filter concealer fair neutral
⇢ Makeupforever Matte loose powder
⇢ theBalm Cosmetics Dew manizers (I used the Mary shade)
⇢ Benefit 24-HR setting gel
⇢ theBalm Meet Matt(e) Shmaker Eye Palette
⇢ theBalm Mr write Pencil in the shade Seymour Datenights
⇢ MAC Giga Black Lash Mascara
⇢ Annytude Feisty Lashes
⇢ Natasha Denona Chroma crystal in bronze
⇢ MAC Mineralize powder in Medium Golden
⇢ Urban Decay Shapeshifter contour palette
⇢ Natasha Denona 01 Diamond and blush palette
⇢ Nyx Cosmetics Lipliner in Natural
⇢ Colourpop Cosmetics X iluvsarahii Curvii Ultra glossy lip


  1. I use the Sexy Mama powder from The Balm for my under eye area, for the face the Catrice Powder foundation, it's so lightweight on the skin and so affordable!

  2. All your eye makeup looks are gorgeous ???

  3. Girl your english is good, don't limit yourself, you're awesome at what you do ?

  4. Yayyy finally! A full face & a talk through. You need to do more videos like this, I left for a while but if you keep this up I will be back.??????

  5. You look beautiful and your english is very good 🙂 Besides, no one expects a person with english as second language to speak it perfectly and people are more understanding than you sometimes think 🙂

  6. I would love to do this makeup look for my prom!

  7. Oh & thank you for thinking of us with hooded eyes!!

  8. An, please never feel self-conscious! Your English is amazing for it being a second language. Being from America, I realize a lot of Americans are super judge mental, & want to criticize people for not speaking English or not speaking it properly. What those individuals fail to recognize is #1- English is the HARDEST language to learn, & #2- basically every country but America teaches children many different languages. Most Americans speak one language only, while many people in other countries speak 2,3 or more languages. The fact that you speak more than one language (& very well might I add) is something to be envied. Never ashamed of!

  9. You did awesome for your first full face video! Plus you had a funny moment with your stomach and I lol'd so hard when you did that close up of your face… keep on making these types of videos!!!! Love your looks that you create!!! 🙂

  10. You are stunningly perfect ?? so glad you will be doing these videos xoxo

  11. Turns out into a naturally beautiful?

  12. Honestly , your English is perfect! You have absolutely no reason to feel self conscious! Love love your videos you are so talented

  13. Eres tan hermosa ???

  14. Great video. You did a lovely job. You’re also gorgeous. We want more videos like this.

  15. laura mercier powder is perfect

  16. BRAVO this first full face tutorial was fantastic! And you speak English better than some first-language speakers, to be honest. 😉 Love the look you created. I love how you explain what you're doing in tutorials and why.

  17. Does anyone know her first language? I absolutely adore her accent and would love to know!

  18. You are a true artist!! I'm always blown away by your talent.♥️

  19. An, you did a great job on this video! The length and descriptions were just right! It was nice to see your pretty face. Love this style of video!!!

  20. You did amazing!!!! I love how you do your best to try to explain yourself in English. You do a great job so just keep growing from here!! ??

  21. Loved it! You did great! ?? keep it up?

  22. I love the full face video!! 🙂

  23. You're beautiful and talented. Your English is fantastic!! Loved this video!

  24. Hi, I am arabic and I don't understand all english ,please we need translate . I loooooove u so much ???

  25. Yessssss more of this! You are so talented love seeing the full face tutorial!!!

  26. I’ve been watching you for a while and you have no idea how much joy it brings me that you finally did a full face, talk-through video. I can’t wait to see more of these videos and see you grow because you are doing amazing. You should feel proud of yourself?? Blessings

  27. Did a great job. The more you do it you'll loosen up. Then we can see the natural you, that your friends and family see. ?????????✌

  28. Yes!! Exactly what your channel needs! Love this vid

  29. OMG I am so happy for you!!! I used to watch you when you had about 34k subs, and I used to say to myself, "why doesn't she have like a BAZILLION more??? And now look at you! You have over half a million subscribers now, and it's because of your great and quality content. Keep up the good work An???

  30. Awww don't be self conscious love. Trust me there's more of us on here that love you than the trolls that may come about! I have hooded lids and before watching your eyeshadow vids I would never wear eye-shadow! But u helped me get out of that fear and to to keep trying to work with what I have. I redo so many of your looks on myself and get awesome feedback. Oh and this is my first comment on any of your vids but I had to say something to support this time?

  31. Thank you for the wonderful full face tutorial… your English is just fine!! Please don’t be self conscious and do more of these as you are so talented and beautiful l!! ??

  32. For your first talk through tutorial, you did awesome An. ??
    Very pretty look ??

  33. Aaaargh!! You are so pretty!! ? Get rid of your insecurity. You can do it!! ❤️

  34. You’re so talented and gorgeous!?Please do more of these full face makeup tutorials☺️

  35. You did amazing An! I'm so glad you did a talk through video!

  36. Yes! I love this type of video's! I really think you did great! I'm loving this look! Much love to you from me in Detroit, Michigan xoxo!

  37. You're beautiful and your english is very good!

  38. First of all, cudos for stepping out of comfort zone! Which is really hard to do when you have thousands of people watching.
    Your English is just fine!
    Second of all, always remember that not even Jesus Christ was able to please everyone, so if you get people saying that you’re not good enough, just ignore them.
    I do have a suggestion, try placing your mirror in front of you instead, that way you’re always facing completely forward so we can see both sides of your face. Try to keep your face always straight, it’ll be more flattering.
    Don’t be nervous, you’re supper talented!!
    If you compare your techniques to some YouTubers that have millions of subscribers, you’re light years ahead of them!! ❤️

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