Easy Festival Hairstyles Tutorial – KayleyMelissa

Here’s an easy festival hairstyles tutorial! You’ll learn how to dress up your braids for spring and summer and get your hair totally Instagram ready! Thanks to Herbal Essences for sponsoring this video!

These quick hair styles will have you heading off to your everyday life or music festival jam in a heart beat! I love that these more trendy styles mix together hairstyling and DIY elements. I love the idea of using arts and crafts in the hair. Tell me in the comments if you like it too! I’m thinking of doing more styles like this!

★What I Used in This Video:★

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  1. So I recently decided to go blonde (from dark brown) for some god forsaken reason! Anyway it was such a disaster and I ended up having to cut my hair really short due to the damage. I honestly felt so bare because I have had long hair my whole life so I tried hair extensions from ZALA, and I am sooo glad I did. I have the 24 inch tapes which i love so so much. The quality is really lovely and even my hair dresser said they were the best quality she had used. Can't thank ZALA enough haha

  2. i absolutely LOVE the texture of the curls in this video

  3. if i simplified this, i'd probably get away with wearing some of these this at school!

  4. She is GORGEOUS I'm not lesbian but she is really pretty

  5. what curling iron did she use??

  6. Watching these videos makes me want to have blond hair…..being a brunette is a bitch X3.

  7. So pretty!! Seriously, you probably heard this a lot, or not haha, but you look so much like the actress britt robertson haha everytime I think that ?

  8. Im going to lollapalooza with my friend this summer and this video is perfect for me ! Thank you <3

  9. I saw hair rings in a few people's hair online and fell in love with it…but when I looked to buy them they were not cheap, so I'm definitely going to have to try using jump rings!

  10. Can you do some hairstyles for naturally curly hair?

  11. can you collar with simply nailogical and do a huge beauty video? that would be so fun tbh

  12. @kayleymelissa Hey girl! I love your videos. You have made me excited again about styling my hair and trying new things. Just wanted to know if you have any videos on purple shampoo and if you have any recommendations. Is it ok to use on naturally blonde hair? And will it stain my white tub? Thanks Kaylee! ??

  13. Hi! I've just watched The Promise with Charlotte Le Bon and absolutely love all the hairstyles in that film. Any chance you could show me how to do them? You make hairdos so much fun and simple! Thanks so much 🙂

  14. I'm doing them to school cuz why not?!

  15. love all this looks!!

  16. Can you make a video about hairstyle for school picture day?(btw I love your vids)

  17. I can't wait to recreate these!

  18. Hi!! I would love to see! Best hair products from the drugstore. I need som light. I have thin long dry colored hair.

  19. Kays, my graduation is here soon, so.. can you help me out with another tutorial for that kind of hairstyles, specifically, about shoulder length hair?

  20. This Argan Rain shampoo is great for using before coloring your hair because it cleans the wax build up and allows the color to cling to your hair better! It's a deep clean that needs to be followed up with a good conditioner. Good product and the seller shipped quickly and without hassle…Thank you!!

  21. You should do a tutorial on how you did Amanda Ensing's hair for Coachella. I loved it!

  22. my hair is fine and thin I don't do much to it just straiten it or half up half down?

  23. WOMEN… why do you need to make your hair perfect then messing it up so it would look not really perfect but for you guys it's even more perfect..
    what? proudly modest ?

  24. Why do my braids always look like poo

  25. Were you gone for so long because of the shea moisture thing?

  26. When my hair is dark & curly and its so hard to braid

  27. 여기 한국인은 없나여..?

  28. Can you do a bridesmaid hair video!?

  29. I like all the Knick knacks she added to the braids…

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