Easy Formal Hairstyles for Long Hair – Hair Tutorial

It’s time to break out the formal hairstyles! Whether you’re preparing for prom, or wedding season, if you have long hair this hair tutorial is for you!

We can’t always hire someone else to do our hair, and sadly, I can’t magically appear and do all of your hair (even though I’d love to be a Fairy Hair Mother!). So here’s how to do your own hair at home! These hair styles (especially the first 2) are easy and quick. You can totally DIY them. They’re also great for bridal or bridesmaid hairstyles. Basically, anything formal, these have you covered!


  1. Can I use any of these hairstyles for a like office work. Like if I work in the office??

  2. Love the bun! I am doing it for my mom on Easter!

  3. Ok woah hey! Where can I get that little hair needle thing? It seems like the perfect device for easy fab everyday hair ?? another great video love you some much!! ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Amazing video, as usual, I've tried the updo and it's really easy and loose but beautiful as well.
    I just wanted to take the time to tell you that your videos really changed how I felt about my hair. I have really long hair for like ten years (I had hair before, I just didn't have it this long ^^') and at some point I got tired of that haircut and I was ready to cut it but your vids helped me like my long hair again and do amazing hairstyles with it. Plus, it was a time I was really sad and I didn't like myself very much but with your videos, doing my hair was like my favorite thing to do on the day. So thank you for making like my hair and maybe a little bit myself with it!! Keep viding, you're amazing!!
    (sorry for the bad english, I'm french ><)

  5. Ok, that topsy tail is magical.

  6. Could you do some straight hair styles?

  7. CGH copied the ponytail hairstyle!

  8. What kind of elastics did you use? Was it simple rubber ones?

  9. Can you do a video about the dresses and what accessories to pair them with?

  10. did that first one and wore to work this week- AND- my hair is only shoulder length – adding in the hair with the little pony make sit look so long and thick! thanks!

  11. Ooh gurl dat updo. Yas. Not at all prom age anymore, but I will find a reason to wear this! ?

  12. what kind of bobby pins do you use?

  13. I'm a guy and this was in my recommended. Go home youtube, your drunk.

  14. I really like the layered ponytail, so simple yet elegant 🙂

  15. And also can you make a video on which highlights suit on which hair colors and hairstyles? Please?

  16. What highlight does your hair have?

  17. Can you do some straight hair hairstyles? I don't have a curler and my hair never stays curly/wavy with the no heat methods, or they just don't work.

  18. I'm here by recommended videos and I have to admit I fell in love and now a subscriber. XO

  19. I love the second hairstyle 🙂

  20. I especially like the pony tail!!! Could you do middle part hairstyles?

  21. Omg prom Hairstyle I do this for next year on July I will be leaving school but love u so much xx

  22. Ooh I love these! Super simple to do, but they look great! Thanks ? will you please do a tutorial on how to braid with layered hair? I have a lot of layers in my hair, but when I braid it the hair comes out ? I use a lot of bobby pins, but that just makes it look worse and doesn't do that great of a job. Thank you!

  23. These are such pretty hairstyles love this!!

  24. I'm definitely gonna try the second one even on my shoulder long hair!
    You look stunning as always!

  25. I remember watching you when you had the green background, you've got so far with your channel Kayley! x

  26. I came here for the second hairdo, so easy but so beautiful and flawless. BUT I don't have that thingo! Anyone have any ideas what we could use to replace that?

  27. You remind me so much of April Kepler from Greys Anatomy ?

  28. I have been with you for 1 year You are pretty nice and a life saver

  29. I love the second hairstyle but I don't have that "heart object", how coud I recreate that hairstyle without it? @kayleymelissa

  30. do you have any advise for people with thin hair to make it look thick?

  31. can u plz do a video on medium hair for birthday… plzzzz

  32. loved the 1st one. that's easy

  33. I would love, if u could do Blair Waldorf inspired styles again!

  34. how gorgeous you are and your voice …o my God???

  35. love your half up down braids and twists.. this hairstyle looks kinda funky with glasses hehe

  36. so cuteee I love you! ♥♥♥

  37. OMG!!! They look so cool + easy??? thanks for the ideas Melissa!!

  38. A different twist on the low bun hairstyle…twist…get it? I did! Thanks KayleyMelissa!

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