Easy Fresh Face Makeup Tutorial | Jaclyn Hill

Buxom Show Some Skin Foundation
Maybelline Fit Me Concealer
Bare Minerals Well Rested
Benefit Gimmie Brow
Makeup Geek Creme Brulee
Loreal Voluminous Mascara
MAC Shroom

MAC Careblend Pressed Powder
MAC Springsheen Blush
Sigma Tint Lipgloss

#1 yeah, I have a nasty bruise on my arm! I slipped down my wood stairs and caught myself by landing on my arm. lol i’m sure it was hilarious to see, but yeah it hurts.

#2 I mentioned that I don’t wear makeup everyday simply because I was being honest with you. I was trying to point out that I don’t have a full face on everyday like you see me on camera most times. I either have nothing on, or a look similar to this. Don’t read too far into it, I was just giving you a fun pointless fact.


  1. Hi there, can I please get the shade of foundation you are wearing? Thankyou

  2. This sounds like a saleslady not a tutorial…

  3. omg you're so young and innocent like a bunny in this video! D'X

  4. what brush did you use at the end for the shroom?

  5. I need to improve in my Basic Make-Up, you looked very nice but it would take me so long to do all that in the morning…

  6. The first time I heard her say I'm going to use my very own brush line today I got excited then she used her fingers ? xxx

  7. Oh my josh Jaclyn I'm in love with your bottom lashes!!

  8. Jaclyn I'm gonna cry you're so pretty

  9. Wishing you could do a tutorial for pregnant women with lots of acne and oily skin.

  10. Daym girl you didn't use nylon !? Hell has litrally frozen over !!!

  11. What shade are you in this foundation? please please let me know thank u!! love all ur videos.

  12. Hi! Just thought I'd let you know. You make me smile at a time there is not much to smile about. Thank you. Just lost my mom to cancer and she was my best friend . Long story short I live in remote north central Alberta Canada and was lost for things to do now that I'm alone ALOT and there you were . So thank you

  13. Jaclyn reminds me of Caroline from pll

  14. I love this! This look would be perfect for school! Thank you Jaclyn!!

  15. This is still one of my favorite videos of yours! Of course I love the glam but it's always nice to let your natural beauty shine through! 🙂

  16. anyone notice that bruise Jaclyn has on her arm at 4.45 ? looks painful omg

  17. youre so beautifulllllllllllllll. staaaaahhhhhhhp <3

  18. i liked everything except the spider look of the mascara

  19. I actually prefer my fingers for foundation rather than a brush. When I use a brush, I always see my brush strokes or where I bounced the brush all over my face, whereas my foundation appears more smoothed out with my fingers

  20. I like this look ecxept I dont understand why you put blush on like that. Its very weird that when you smile, instead of your cheeks looking blushed, the sides of your face look blushed.. Looks..strange.

  21. Hi! I am not really a makeup wearer.  You were recommended to me from a fellow YouTuber.  I will be starting my own mom/lifestyle channel.  I no nothing about what makeup is best for videos. I don't really know anything about what makeup is best.  I like to all natural or simple easy looks.  I am not a fan of foundation and the way it makes your face feel.  However, I understand it's a necessity.  What would be the best most light weight brand? I have very light sensitive skin.  Also, what do you recommend for simple eyes for green eyes?

  22. This look is so flawless and perfect for me, I hope to one day bc able to recreate it…right now I'm struggling to do the basics most days. I'm learning though 🙂

  23. Where did this delicious shirt come from?? Love it.

  24. I love your vids I do the makeup

  25. Can you make a video showing how to highlight and contour for different face shapes? I have a square face and I have NO IDEA how to HL&C. Please!

  26. you are very beautiful naturally……you dont need to put any makeup on…..


  28. Can you do more videos like this? I need more ideas for everyday going to the office makeup

  29. Jaclyn, How do you make sure your mascara and eyeliner doesn't bleed? My problem is i have those under eye circles and mascara and eyeliner seem to bleed or end up collecting under my eyes. How do i get this to stop?

  30. I love these tutorials that show me ways to wear minimum makeup but still look really cute. Then again, I'm addicted to all your videos. Love you.

  31. Have you ever tried loreal voluminous false fiber mascara if u haven't I think you would love it!! Love your videos ?!!!

  32. Thank you for this video. Cam we get more videos similar or just more videos in general. Yeah thanks

  33. "it'll show all your dirty secrets" ?? omgg i laughed so hard!

  34. U look absolutely beautiful without make up

  35. I actually think your skin looks better when you use your fingers! But your beautiful either way! xx

  36. Can you show us how you get your teeth so white. PLEASE 😀

  37. Is BB cream a sufficient substitute for foundation?

  38. I just got gimme brow about 2 months ago and oh my goodness it's my holy grail brow product! I love it so much!

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