Easy Fruit Nail Art

you can do strawberry, kiwi, lemon, lime, banana, pineapple, apple, or other fruits!
search on ebay for the fruit slices… type in “fimo fruit nail art” into the ebay search bar
music by danosongs.com



  1. Can I do this nail art on short nails?

  2. Fimo fruit slices are so satisfying and attractive to look at

  3. Who's still watching in 2015 ! ?✋?

  4. just got the fruit stickers today!!!! now i am in love with this! (bacause i can finally do it!!!yay) love u ❤??

  5. What would you put on the thumb?

  6. For showing the dig, you should've done the kiwi, that's my favorite food!

  7. When i did it it didn't work it would just fall off

  8. i bought these fripuits last night for 99p on ebay!

  9. I ordered my fruit slices on Amazon

  10. Can you reuse the fimo slices? i just got some in the mail today and I'm hoping I can reuse them??? 

  11. my aunt got me some last week totally gonna try this now

  12. You can get these at Aeropostale! (The fruit slices)

  13. You cand find that frutis at Jumbo

  14. Oh, and if your fimo slice it's kind of thick once you've stuck firmly it on your nail and the coats below have dried, you can gently file it and make it thinner, and then apply top coat. It does take a bit longer, but it's worth it!

  15. Oh wow I have that you get them from Claire's


  17. I bought the fruits in a beauty store call Sally. They even had flower too. All I need is the right polish to blend. Thanks for the great idea 🙂

  18. Can you do a tutorial on how to use crackle polish. I can't seem to get it right

  19. I tried it by making paper fruit and doing dark green for watermelon mixing dark green and white for kiwi mixing orange and white for orange pink for grapefruit and a sorta pink red color for strawberry polishes and cut out little papaer fruit without glitter and polished my whole fingernail

  20. Those fruit slices are made out of fimo :0 im going to do them right now . (Takes polymer clay stuff out*)

  21. You can buy the decoration bye amazon this are fimou decorations

  22. Where do you buy those nail decoration tell me please

  23. omg so awesome so gonna try that!

  24. all she did is ask a qustion goodness

  25. Its actually cool for me because i have the sane nail polishes and base coat and dry fast top coat te same as you

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