Easy Galaxy Nail Art

This tutorial will show you how to create a Galaxy nail art design that’s out of this world! It’s time to bring outer space to the tips of your fingers!

♡ Products Used

  • ♥ Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Hardener
  • ♥ Sally Hansen Black Out
  • ♥ China Glaze Solar Power
  • ♥ OPI Chapel of Love
  • ♥ China Glaze First Mate
  • ♥ OPI Alpine Snow
  • ♥ China Glaze Fairy Dust (the BEST glitter polish to make stars! fine holographic glitter)
  • ♥ Essie Good To Go Top Coat


  1. Who is watching this in 2017

  2. She hypnotized me with the magical voice
    So satisfying

  3. Did anyone else get that static, blurry, glitchy thing near the beginning?

  4. check out sara beauty corner's galaxy nail art tutorial

  5. Nice video, You should make and updated one 😀

  6. This video is so old that the video is some how giving me this glitchy laggy thing

  7. her voice sounds like she's getting ready to rape a bunch of kids -0- it scares me

  8. Her voice makes me sleepy ❤️??✨

  9. such a hypnotic voice… 😀

  10. I remember doing these once. I think I still have the pictures somewhere on my google drive. . . eh, I'm going to redo them anyway.

  11. Wouldn't it be amazing if you didn't speak with your mouth ON the microphone

  12. She talks like that to help you guys understand what shes doing.

  13. She is like she's doing a ASMR video

  14. Your great at nails painting 🙂

  15. Im creating some doctor who nails and this would be perfect for the thumb thanks so much!

  16. 2:45 or just don't do the white stars and just use the glitter paint. music reminded me or elevator music and almost put me to sleep as well

  17. Why do you talk like that?

  18. I'm a dude and I'm watching your videos simply because I think this is incredible

  19. I love your videos ??????????????????????

  20. Thank you! I was waiting for this video for a long time! This video is really helpful! 😀

  21. what is the title of the song?

  22. TheIn the first part, her voice is scary, and I feel like she is right behind me…

  23. Her voice is like the Morgan freeman of women. I love it!

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