EASY Geometric Cutout Nail Art


  1. And when you shoot ribbons varnish dried up?

  2. why didn't you cut 2 triangle shapes stick them on both sides instead of this techinque

  3. where can u buy the nail tape things

  4. The new neutrals set
    He dry nail dropping drops
    And the system!

  5. I hope to win the give away

  6. Delete all is really cool 🙂
    Also I like the chaotic top coat ( black and white ) ?

  7. Definately Delete All is a hit! :), also like ASAP 5, and Transformers top coat.

  8. Congrats linda!!! Wasnt lucky enough to win! But CONGRATS!???????????

  9. Enigma and the delete all would be really nice to have! 🙂

  10. The " Intensity" color is just clasic for me;-)

  11. My favourite color is the unstoppable bubblegum pink. Thank you so much for this opportunity! Love your videos!!

  12. the delete all looks amazing and so useful! I also love all the glitters, I can't just name one!

  13. I'd love to have Delete all and Superwatts

  14. I really like the colour Juju (holographic)!

  15. superwatts is the one i like, would love to have it dont have any forula x nail polish.

  16. I loved the cherry blossom polish!

  17. Why didn't she just leave the tape layout from the first time and just fill in the triangles at the same time

  18. My favourite of alllll timeeee is THE CUT 2014 😀

  19. I love the Cherry Blossom top coat and the delete all looks awesome.  Love your videos!  Thanks for making them!

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