Easy Giraffe Nail Art


  1. i love watching your really simple old tutorials! they are more… unique? I would say because you don't see too many others doing them. I love your videos!

  2. another way to do this is before the first color drys use the brown nail polish brush and put the spots on the nail they wil spead ou perfectly and not join together

  3. Falcon Lover would be proud..

  4. why not just put on the badge or brown then quickly get out that spot color and drop dots on the nail why it is still wet?

  5. Just wanted to say that you are so incredibly talented.

  6. I love this and when you do all four animal prints on the nails it looks so good love it

  7. can u show us how u dip your dotting tool in your polish cuz it never works properly with me

  8. Girafffffffe 😀 ( it's beautiful )

  9. U make it look so easy 🙁

  10. I love all of you nail art videos!

  11. I'm doing this with a giraffe head as an accent nail. 🙂

  12. excuse-moi?? that was a perfectly valid response

  13. Awwww this idea is so cute but looks kind of hard

  14. shut the fuck up! thank you 🙂

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