Easy Hair Style with Scarf Tie | Hair Report

Buns are a definite hairstyle staple for girls on-the-go. But, as popular as the style is, that doesn’t mean it has to get boring. Tune in as model Tess Holliday gives her spin on the ubiquitous ‘do, and shows how a stylish scarf can make your bun effortlessly chic


  1. خلقت لتناك وتمسمص

  2. ???Super sexy❤❤❤

  3. u dont know what happen .u live good .i have no denero for buybrad how can buy this thing

  4. Tess is so pretty I love her!!!!

  5. Tess is so pretty I love her!!!!

  6. Tess is so pretty I love her!!!!

  7. Omg! It's the girl with the green scarf??

  8. So cute. She has beautiful hair! Love Tess xx

  9. I loooove Tess! she's gorgeous….cute hairstyle!!???

  10. I love that lipstick color!!!!!! ?????What is it!!?!?

  11. Cuttte! Perfect for lazy hair days.

  12. As simple as this hair style is, it never crosses my mind to add a scarf to amp up my tiered everyday life at university.. Thank Tess 🙂

  13. She makes everything look so easy…mine was a total fail

  14. Effortless chic. Can't wait to re-do.

  15. She's so pretty. I love her hair too!

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