Easy Hairstyles for Hats – Hair Tutorial

Here’s a hair tutorial on four easy hat hairstyles. I’m working with Schwarzkopf to show you guys some game day styles. You can wear these hair styles to work out or for game days!

Whether you like to wear hats for school, work, or just for style, these hairstyles will work for you! They’re great on long hair and you can totally make the last three heatless hairstyles if you want! This is great for any sport, indoor or outdoor. It’s also great if you’re going to lots of football parties this fall season.

★What I Used:★

★What I’m wearing:★

  • Hat: Tillys
  • Shirt: Zara


  1. For the fishtail one can we do a braid instead i donut know how to do fishtail cos imma weirdo

  2. It's my birthday can I get 10 like s

  3. My buns never stay in place at home sure, asap I walk outside I can feel them falling apart

  4. 3rd and 5th style are cool. I don't use chemicals in my hair or heat. I used to work for a biology start-up and one girl there taught me how to make all natural shampoo. To hold hair in place without using synthetics, lemon is a great way to go. Thank God for this video. I've always had serious jobs working in a lab, clean room, military base or hospital. I recently decided to get a care free no stress job. I will be delivering pizzas. After some research I found that I can live just as well doing that ever since the minimum wage went up.

  5. I was watching a lot of her hair videos and I realized how am I not subscribe ???

  6. sorry the braid in a ponytail doesn't look good

  7. Can I at least get one like my dog ? has cessar

  8. So cute!!! Great hairstyles ??????

  9. Kayley! I love your tutorials so much! I work hours with that kind of hats (at a kind-off snack bar, so i need to updos) and when i finally can take them off, my hair is flat at the roots and just a mess even when i try to braid it. Can you give me any tips to avoid it?

  10. Omg love it! I absolutely needed cute hair ideas for my new yankees cap! Ty?

  11. I love your hair and I was wondering how you cut it?

  12. Wore the braided pony and the twin buns to work and i got compliments left and right. It's nice to look cute while working around fast food

  13. I love going to dodger games!! Me and my mom bread blue and it is so fun. So sad the season is over though

  14. She reminds a lot of Britt Robinson

  15. I LOVE this tutorial. I keep coming back to watch it and try new styles. You upped my hat game big time.

  16. May i know what lip product are you using? ?

  17. Of course I'd find your channel when I was so over my long hair, cut it off to my chin, and am planning on cutting it even shorter. Great video though.

  18. Such great ideas–you make every hairstyle look so lovely!

  19. who's ur favorite LA dogders member?

  20. When it gets colder you should definitely do a winter hat hairstyles video

  21. soooooo cute!! i'm going to do these when I babysit!

  22. Kayley I HAVE BEEN WAITING forever for a video for long hair in a baseball cap. I looked all over you tube and the tutorials for caps were mediocre at best. THANK YOU SOOOO Much. Could you please do a tutorial about hair while wearing larger floppy hats – like u would wear to the beach for sun protection?? No idea what to do with my hair but I can see the potential of very cute hairstyles with an awesome floppy hat. Thx so much.

  23. can you do cute hairstyles for hair with bangs ?

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