Easy Hairstyles for Winter, Hats, and Scarves! – Hair Tutorial

Here are some easy hairstyles for winter, hats, and scarves! This hair tutorial is all about quick styles that cold weather will not mess up.

Now you can have some ideas on how to do hairstyles for hats. Normally, a hat will seriously mess up your hairstyle, but it doesn’t have to! These hair styles can be done heatless and in 5 minutes making them great for every day or school!


  1. I did these hairstyles and my friends and teachers at school loved the hairstyle I told them it was u who did the hairstyle and they loved it tysm!!

  2. Do you have a trick for how to get your hair to stay pulled apart and voluminous in braids? Mine always end up going flat toward the end of the day /:

  3. Amazing winter hair style ????

  4. I love your eyes in this video!! Gorgeous!

  5. Im so glad that I found your channel !

  6. Did anyone else notice that she had two different coloured hair ties

  7. My braids never look as amazing as yours ?

  8. you just saved my life <3 I loved the second one <3

  9. Those hairstyles are the cutest! i have to ask, has she done plastic surgery for her nose? sometimes i feel like doing it but people say it's horrible and painful u.u

  10. Hi Melissa. This is a great video for long hair. Could you do the same for short hair? I chopped my hair and now have a short bob above my shoulders. Would love to see a video for it and how to avoid hat hair! Many thanks. Happy New Year!

  11. Kayley, this video is super helpful, but I would personally love to see ideas for shorter "lob"esque hair lengths. I've collar-bone length curly hair and I so admire your tutorials, but seldom am able to recreate them. Any advice would be much appreciated!

  12. she has the CUTEST voice ever

  13. Can you please do the Christmas morning hairstyles soon??

  14. the hat hairstyle with the braid at the back reminds me of the movie cold mountain.

  15. I have really long hair at the moment (almost touching my butt xD) but it really needs a new cut but I'm not sure what will look good on my really thick side parted hair. Any recommendations?

  16. looks amazing! my favorite are the 2nd and 3rd

  17. I'm convinced that you were just literally blessed with the most perfect hair to do tutorials like this

  18. Kayley ,I love how you allways pull your braids out ?but I don't or it to mess up my hair

  19. Ugh I'm sooo mad, my hair won't grow pass the back of my bra ?

  20. I just subscribe, how do you cut your hair?

  21. the hair styles are rly beautiful and your cups are awesome

  22. So so so awesome!!! Thanks girl 😀

  23. Why youtube never notifies me your new videos?. They are my inspiration to do my hair <3

  24. love this video! Can you do one for shorter hair, plaeseee! 🙂

  25. Can you do this video for short hair?

  26. When are you going to upload another video?? Plzz I am waiting.

  27. Can you please do a makeup tutorial for this look??! It's gorge!

  28. This is awesome, you have helped me out so much with my hair since I suck at doing hair but you make everything look so effortless so I try these things out! This vid is in perfect time for my family trip from Florida to Georgia this weekend visiting my aunt where it's supposed to stay in the 50's!Thanks again and always wanting more of your vids!

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