Easy Heatless Curls Hair Tutorial!

Here’s my newest easy heatless curls tutorial! I wanted to challenge myself to do waves overnight with no heat that still looked like my normal hairstyle of tousled curls. These use Flexi rods which are basically smooth foam rollers that are easy to sleep in. This way you can get smooth curls with minimal frizz. Hope you love them!

★What I Used:★

  • Flexi Rods 1.25 inch, also called Soft Rollers (From Sallys, but different brands sell them at Target and on Amazon)
  • Salon Care Elan Plus Extra Hold Conditioning Setting Lotion (From Sallys)


  1. Beautiful results. How did you lay in bed and sleep with these rollers ?

  2. You look like Britt Robertson

  3. Thank you Kayley !!!! I am being Supergirl for a Halloween party and these curls re PERFECT. <3

  4. This is SO amazing. Love your hair, I'm going to try this. 🙂

  5. I hate when people say this is not curls, that's waves. I really don't understand why important this is. For me are curls and waves actually the same. But there are always some people,who says "this is not curls." I think that's very rude.

  6. Talk about having no volume on top…m

  7. perfect, thank youu. i have those, i'll try like you did.

  8. Can someone please link me the soft rollers she used in the video? I ordered some from amazon but it wasn't as wide as hers in this video 🙁

  9. There is no way I would be able to sleep with these on

  10. What could be a replacement for the flexi rod?

  11. should i do it after i shower and then sleep on it? i shower at night


  13. does someone know the color and brand of the lipstick she uses in the second part of the video?? I'm just in love with it!!!

  14. Kayley we spell pour names the same way

  15. this is literally the BEST heatless curls tutorial in youtube

  16. who did this work for that has thick hair

  17. I'm late to this video but you're hair & face are absolutely stunning❤

  18. I sleep so crazy that rollers dont stay in, Will these stay in? what could i do to help them stay?

  19. If you used a sock instead of the rods would it still work??

  20. Do you have a relative that is an actress??

  21. For any heatless waves you need to start out with straight hair. Most people don't have natural straight hair so it's harder to get that result.

  22. It didn't work for me?? I have wavy straight hair and I tried it and it created A HUGE AWKWARD dent at the top of my head and weird curl at the bottom??

  23. What could you use if you don't have flexi rods

  24. your shirt is my favorite thing ever

  25. You look astonishing with red lips.

  26. I have tried this SO. MANY. TIMES. and I can't get the rollers to stay on my head. They just unroll themselves and hit me in the eye and tumble out. Any tips for fine haired girls?

  27. Does this work for thick straight hair?

  28. +Kaley Melissa can you use socks?

  29. I did this last night and the back didn't curl at all for some reason…..

  30. This is amazing! Thank you for sharing <3

  31. WARNING!!This is very uncomfortable to sleep with!!!!!!!

  32. UK/Ireland – They sell these in Primark for £1.50 pack of 4 🙂

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