Easy Holiday Hairstyles for Short / Medium Hair

Here are 3 easy holiday hairstyles for short or medium hair. This hair tutorial how to will have you ready to go for all your parties.

Okay! Today we have some half up half down hair styles and an updo. We’ve got braids and twists and even flat iron curls. No matter your skill level, I think you can find a hairstyle here you will love!! They’re quick and simple; hope you love!


  1. i love your channel its amazing

  2. Please do more short hair styles! I cut my hair and I miss my long hair but I'm gonna have to work with it!

  3. You look like Cress from Lunar Chronicles 🙂

  4. she has short hair whatttttt

  5. What are those metal looking things at the nape of the neck?

  6. Fell in love with the first hairstyle. I am definitely wearing it To my family get together tomorrow night

  7. I can't do any of the hairstyles there not easy at all

  8. would it still work with out curling your hair because every way i try doesnt work

  9. Hi Kayley, I've been watching your videos for a while now…  I have attempted a lot of hairstyles and honestly I end up just taking it out and putting it in my usual ponytail. You have beautiful hair which looks so fun and manageable but I was wondering if you could make a video about attempting to tame crazy hair?  My hair is medium length and it is very frizzy and wavy/curly I would love to have a hairstyles that's not just up in a high ponytail or down and looks like a mop… Thanks keep up the great content!

  10. Thank you for doing some hairdos for short hair!!!!

  11. the third one was beautiful but my hair is too long for it

  12. I love that you use a wig to have different hairstyles for girls with short hair and although it kinda looks natural as everybody in the comments say, to me it doesn't bc it looks so big and idk it just looks fake to me lmao but that's obvious not the purpose of you wearing it

  13. How do you do these things??? It's amazing!! Definitely going to try these for the holidays!! Hope it turns out half as pretty!

  14. Beautiful, I like watch your videos.

  15. I want you to do victoria's secret hair no heat???

  16. These are such cute hairstyles, but that wig is so thick! I have literally like 1/3 that much hair. I can't imagine that these hairstyles would work as well on ladies without thick hair.

  17. please do hairstyles for wet hair!!!!

  18. would you please review the Split ender?

  19. I did the second haristyle. Thank you!

  20. Do you have any idea for a girl who is growing out her side cut? (Right side of my head) love you your vids! ❤️

  21. Can you please make more short/medium hair hairstyles???

  22. I'm in love with the three styles I wanna use one of them in my graduation but don't know which one!

    thank you

  23. how does her hairline look SO natural with the wig? I'm so confused…

  24. today I have to go to school twice because production show 3 hours

  25. OHHHHHHH I see where she put up her extra hair up I see a couple of Bobby pins holding it up

  26. you should do a husband tag!!

  27. I absolutely love the first hairstyle but of course, they're all great overall too. 🙂 x

  28. Thank you for more short hair styles!!!! I recently cut my hair to about that length.

  29. I'm going to be doing the half up twist for my school dance this year

  30. absolutely loved it !

  31. LOVE THEM KAYLEY!!!! Now I just have to choose one of them 🙂

  32. Wow! Incredible video,Kayley.☺☺☺☺☺☺???????

  33. you're so pretty with your new hair cut ?

  34. Love it!!
    I'm not able to do French bread.. I just can't do normal ones, it seems easy but when I do it just look like a mess… I love the hairstyle for medium hair thank youuuu!!!!

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