EASY Matte Studded Nail Art


  1. With what you are making this dots

  2. Luv this design too Sis….. I know it's difficult for u to believe me but if u use Whatsapp please send ur number….

  3. Could I make the dots with a Bobbie pin?

  4. wouldn't the black or gold dots be smeared when something sharp touches it?

  5. How to fast drying my nailpolish?

  6. How to fast drying my nailpolish?

  7. I'm in canada and could only find one place that has matte top coat and it was $13

  8. I have the same top coat. cx

  9. You are soooooooooooooo talented!! I love it and I subscribe 🙂

  10. hey um where did you get your matte top coat

  11. These r so cool for the fall it's dark and edgy

  12. For sure! Anything you want! 🙂

  13. i am definetly gonna try this
    instead of using gold can i use silver glitter nail polish??

  14. I love this! I've done it about 10× in different colors. So Simple. Thanks! Deb

  15. I loooove your tutorials *.*

  16. Seriously giiiiiirl you're a genius! So didn't expect the studs be just topcoat and not real studs, love it. Now I need matte topcoat, sigh.

  17. Ok I'm a guy and stumbled here by accident but have to say that's really cool 🙂 lovely so hands and nails you have too

  18. Awesome that you saw it! 😀

  19. Can you use a different colour

  20. It looks so amazing and it's so simple

  21. do you let the first layer of dots dry first or do you put on the second one right afterwards?

  22. pretty cool idea, and no studs : D

  23. Can you do a similar design but like a patent effect please?xxxxx

  24. That's cool 🙂 i thought that those were real studs! Clever

  25. That's a real pretty design , good idea…. THANKS ,VERY NICE N CLEAN JOB

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