Easy Mint Ombre Manicure

Mix up your ombre mani by using different shades of polish on each nail! I used Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel chip resistant colors in ‘Mintage’, ‘Prince Char-mint’, ‘B Girl’, ‘Tea Party’, and ‘Get Mod’ plus added a dot of ‘Buffalo Nickel’ for an accent! Finished with the Miracle Gel top coat to seal it all in!

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  1. wow. such pretty nails. you always are an expert and professional when it comes to nails and nail polish.

  2. How long do you always have to wait for your nail to get dry. My nails always smudge not matter what? Does the top coat matter? Please

  3. Wow….. wl dn Hannah!!!!! ?

  4. +HannahRoxNails Hey I used these same type of Sally Hansen Nail Polish on my nails. They are one of the BEST brand in the world 🙂

  5. so unique Hannah! ya did it again!

  6. Why do you always yuse saly hanson nailpolish? Is it godd?

  7. this was pretty! I also need that pen!

  8. I love this design! In fact, I recreated it on my own nails! It would mean so much so much to me if you replied! And you have super pretty fingernails!??

  9. what a cool video to showcase these shades!

  10. how long you let your nails dry b4 applying the top coat?

  11. Do you paint your other hand?

  12. this is so cute im going to try it

  13. Speaking of buffalo nickels, I found one at work today lol. Cute look Hannah!

  14. Gorgeous shades <3 Happy Holidays!

  15. Are you under contract with Sally Hansen now? I feel like that's the only polish you use anymore. I have to admit that SH Miracle Gel started my nail polish addiction. But after repeatedly getting bubbles no matter how many tips I followed to avoid bubbles, I stopped using the Miracle Gel line and haven't had bubbles in my manis since. I credit that to fast drying top coats though. Will you be doing anything with the SH Color Therapy line?

  16. Why you say that you're not perfect? That's juste because you need to use the remover pen…. :/

  17. I love all these mint shades 🙂 tfs and Happy Holidays

  18. Please do some water marble nail art

  19. pretty and cool

  20. OMG I realy love this manicure. It's amazing but simple? so I can do it. Love you Hanna??

  21. Your nails are perfect!!! 🙂

  22. I love the silver dot accent to pull all the nails together 🙂

  23. Perfect. I will have to run out and get me that nail polish mistake eraser by Sally's

  24. These shades are so gorgeous!!

  25. your nails are perfection ?
    I've always wanted to try this look with pink colors, your video inspired me to finally do that ?

  26. I love mint green and this style is awesome! thanks for the upload 😉

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