Easy Music Note Nail Art


  1. These are so cute! If only I could fit it on my nails…


  2. I play the viola. these nails will be perfect for my concert!!!

  3. um not trying to be mean but you sound board or sad in some parts of the video you sound like miranda sings lol

  4. Mice I'm gonna wear this to my grade five piano exam and concert??

  5. Me encanta todos los diseños q haces te admiro ajj

  6. The music staff on your nails only has 3 lines the music staff is supposed to have 5 lines! Also if you add two lines at the bottom the notes on your middle finger would be a b note and a d note ?

  7. Even without the five lines many musicians will still not be able to fit it on their nails because we have to keep them short. On our right hand maybe, but not on our left. Coming from a cellist.

  8. bonjour je fais des vidéos de nails art … peut tu aller les voirs si tu as un peut de temps .

  9. I did it but it can't be better than yours!

  10. a mi hija le fascina la musica. le voy hacer este diseño

  11. This reminds me of the dress Katy Perry wore for the Grammy.  

  12. It is actually 5 lines to a make a complete staff

  13. Usually I would think "A staff doesn't have 3 lines it has 5" but today I thought "Wow this art looks so good even with 3 lines"

  14. I really want to do this but I don't have black polish. What other colors work?

  15. Don't you know that it's four line I'm in music

  16. February 10th is my birthday !!!! (: 

  17. When i was at the nail salon i asked them to do this design for me and i had to put this on…..

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