Easy nail art blobbicure!


  1. aaah that good ol' times when cristine made turtoutials?✋✋?

  2. redo with voice over pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  3. can you redo with voice over?? I love this mani and I love your guiding voice even more <3

  4. I have subscribed to her since this video camera out before polish mountain

  5. I can't get enough I had to troll back to the beginning and watch them ALL!

  6. Plz redo this with voice over

  7. I JUST relized the purple dots were holo! ?????

  8. OMG MY TRYPHOBIA!!!!!!!!

  9. why is no one commenting in these videos?? ughh i feel so lonely

  10. It looks like blobs or rocks to me

  11. i'm sorry but this triggers my trypophobia ?

  12. This is so cool and so pretty!

  13. Try crackle nail polish! Or mate top coat!

  14. Is it better to let the nail polish dry before adding the blobs or is it better to just go for it on top of the wet nail polish

  15. I love your channel so much I will be doing my nail more often girl u rock with the nail

  16. the dark ages of this channel lol

  17. as i was watching this, i kept hearing your voice say ohhh look at that nail porn! lol

  18. how long does this take to dry?

  19. This just freaks me out for some reason

  20. Even tho there is no voice there still is nail polish porn o so good

  21. Watching her videos now and then and like wow she has really grown

  22. Thatll probably dry in about 5 hours

  23. ahh holo you were too younf then
    pls tell me it actually is holo or i'll might be sounding dumb ;-;

  24. I hated it when she didn't talk it's soooooooooooo boring

  25. that nail Polish coming out of the botle is porn

  26. It's so wrong to watch videos of you without your snotty comments.. 😀

  27. trying to go back and watch videos that I have yet to see, I can tell this is old! I dont get to hear your beautiful voice talk about the holo or your other hands nail color!
    its just not the sammmme!

  28. I am in love with this polish

  29. I can see clearly now the blobacures on and holo is on too

  30. Do a how to stop biting ur nails ????

  31. This is absolutely fabulous! !!

  32. Oh my god, the close-ups of the nailpolish on the brushes was like pure porn to my eyes. Love it. Thankyou for the tutorial, they're always amazing! 🙂

  33. I loved this one!! And it's very easy, will try to do today 😀

  34. Is it better to let the nail polish dry and then put the top coat? I know it's kinda dumb of a question but I wanted to know from a person with more experience. 🙂

  35. I love purple an I love glitter I need these polishes in my life

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