Easy Nail Art using Temporary Tattoos!

An amazing nail art design… all you need are tattoos!

i was at the store last week and i saw these temporary tattoos. it got me thinking— could these transfer onto my nails?! … this video shows the result of my experiment!


  1. Anyone know where to buy the tattoo?

  2. Where has this channel been all my life

  3. I wish I still had my Spiderman tattoos so I could do this.

  4. These are amazing????????

  5. I love this idea! I would not have thought about this. 🙂

  6. OMG!!!!!! Thank you! I need to try these. They look like a really good/famous professional did them THANK YOU!!

  7. I'm going to do this with batman tattoos!

  8. What if the tattoos DO get on your skin

  9. Should the cotton pad be wet? And should we wait for our nails to fully dry first?

  10. I love Ur nails . I watch them every day

  11. i am gonna use small Hello Kitty tattoos on my nails for Halloween! 🙂

  12. Seal in the desaaaawwwwwiin and add a beautiful shaaaaawwwwyynn

  13. I actually did this last night and I was very impressed! It came out beautifully! Make sure your nail polish is completely dry before putting on the tattoo and lightly wet a cotton pad to apply the tattoo (and hold it tightly onto the nail so it doesn't slip around). Will definitely do this again, thanks!

  14. What happens when it gets on your skin? Does it come off or is it stuck there for a little while?

  15. I love the video. .I'm so going to try it out. .hope it comes out as pretty! !=)

  16. does you name have to be wet or dry before putting the tattoo

  17. Do you use water for the tattoo when putting it on?

  18. I'm actually pretty bad at painting nails….. but I can definitely do this!

  19. Absolutely love it!! So easy!

  20. her voice is annoying in this one

  21. oh i love cute polish ! my go to place! — this one is just like nail stickers but nicer! im in love! 🙂 .

  22. I´ve done this but i always end up with the tatto thats close to the tip ripping off. What can I do? 

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