Easy Natural Makeup | 5 MINUTE MAKEUP | Laura Lee

Hey Larlee’s here is a makeup tutorial for beginners. I seriously only takes me 5 Minutes to complete this look! This makeup tutorial is for those of you wanting to learn more about makeup. This is also great for school and work. This makeup tutorial is SO easy and NO FASLE LASHES. I showcase my real lashes ha ha ha. I hope you all enjoy! xo- Laura



  • Lancôme Grandiôse Extreme Mascara: Here
  • The Estee edit pore vanishing stick- Here
  • Loreal pro matte foundation Here
  • ABH powder contour kit- Here
  • Too Faced born this way concealer- light
  • Marc jacobs blacquer eyeliner HERE
  • Benefit rockateur blush Here
  • tarte exposed highlight Here
  • Stila caramello liquid lipstick- Here



  1. can you please make best afforable lashes video

  2. Love this video keep them coming for beginners like myself .

  3. 0:08 that is the most awkward smile I have ever seen

  4. Is no one going to point out that she already had makeup on her eyebrows when she started and didn't mention anything about it

  5. Make more videos like this 🙁
    For beginner/ light make up

  6. this really helped! deffinitely learned a lot from this as a beginner! 🙂

  7. Try using the Marc jacobs eyeliner as a lip liner when using dark lipstick it's so creamy

  8. I am so happy dude I literally just found out about you like a couple weeks ago and I saw your videos with your palette and I was DEVESTATED when it was just sold out and i literally commented on your instagram about how much I wished i could buy it and then like a couple days later it was BACK AND IM SO HAPPY I PRE ORDERED.
    I love you and you're flawless af.

  9. your tutorial is great and hilarious!

  10. your watch had my initials

  11. are u fckin serious with that FACE at the beginning of a video ? I switched it off…..HILARIOUS!!!!

  12. you look much better with minimal makeup

  13. Hi Laura Lee. I've been following you for a few months and I have learned sooooo much. I am a bit older than you, but very young at the whole make up game. Do you have a video on brushes? Like the correct brushes to use on different parts of the face? Thanks!

  14. This is literally the 16th video of yours that I've watched! Lol love love love your channel and all your IG posts!

  15. can you do a Date Night fall look?? 🙂 ❤ please!

  16. Oh thank god, a beauty vlogger who understands that people don't have a lifetime supply of false lashes to wear every time we wear makeup

  17. Can you do your eyebrows next time you do a video like this because people really struggle with eyebrows

  18. She kind of looks like Kim Kardashian in the thumbnail

  19. Yyyeeesss!!!! Thank sweet baby Jesus I found this video. ????

  20. The super sizer by cover girl is the best mascara I have ever used. Everyone must try it.

  21. is the banana shade just face powder?

  22. where do you get your headbands from?! AAHhhh <3

  23. Your palette is literally the best! my favourite !x

  24. No way i actually thought you were wearing fake lashes!! Omg?❤️

  25. Can you do a makeup tutorial for homecoming dance???

  26. You and jeffree star should make an eyeshadow palette x❤️❤️

  27. I will not ever believe those are your eyebrows literally nothing will ever convince me sorry

  28. your so pretty. new subscriber here 🙂

  29. I really love the natural look so much and I love this on you! Honestly I think I like this the best on you because it compliments your natural beauty. Don't get me wrong I like all your makeup looks this is just my fav.

  30. this is nice. I'm so sick of makeup looking drag

  31. I'm SO over those duck faces, seriously! It's such a turn off and often keep people from even trying out the content that can potentially be good after all. Who on earth said that this is attractive/cute/sexy or whatever these girls think they are trying to be in the first place? I TRULY don't get it, it's the most embarrassing face one can make and attracts the wrong kind of attention. Can't wait for this trend to be over!!!

  32. Love love LOVE This look on you! My type of makeup for everyday! Xx gorgeous ????❤️?

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