EASY Neon Nail Art

❤ Bright neon gradient nails that will get you ready for the warmer months!


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  1. I just tried this and the sponge sticks to the nail, and hardly leaves any color on the nail. . Any suggestions?

  2. I just wanted to say, this is the video that got me into actually doing nail art. These are SO PRETTY they entranced me. I wish i could afford those really stunning fanyc polishes, but I've been making do with what I have 🙂 

    So thank you, for the inspiration!

  3. Hi Hannah!!(we have the exact same name!) I was just wondering what the difference between a top and base coat is?

  4. Definitely going to try this on my daughter…. So cool!!!!!

  5. The polish soaks so quickly into the sponge, very little ends up on my nail. Any suggestions?

  6. if you don't have a makeup sponge what can u use

  7. if you dont have a makeup sponge does it work with cotton wool or if not that then a wet wipe really wanna try this

  8. Wow excellent!!! It's really perfect for summertime!!!

  9. Beautiful colors! But my polish easily peels. Will you use gel polish and cures with a uv or led lamp that the nails last longer?

  10. Can I use a piece of Cloth instead of using a Make up sponge?

  11. Can I use a piece of Cloth instead of using a Make up sponge?

  12. Where can you get the make-up sponges?

  13. i love it's beautiful !!! kiss

  14. Loooove this nail look. So cute!

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    Thank you so much!!

  15. How fun and easy!!! I cannot WAIT for springtime weather!!! These colors help!!!?

  16. Linda!!!! Lovely xoxo ♡

  17. Lovely manicure as always!:) I love your videos! great job! <3
    Def.gonna try this!^_^

  18. Cute and easy nail art!

  19. That green! So bright and pretty! Great tutorial!

  20. i dont want to be mean but the photo of the nail art in the beggining is way to photoshopped, its like the fingers are made of plastic and nails 2

  21. Beautiful! Thanks for the tutorial

  22. Love it! I think it would look great with matte topcoat too 🙂

  23. I really like this design. I'll definitely try tomorrow ?

  24. NEW VIDEO! Come watch for some easy neon nail art!

  25. This desgin was easy to make and is pretty

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