Easy No-Bake Holiday Strawberry Shortcake

Today we will be making a super easy to make and super yummy Holiday Trifle that all your family and friends will love! This can be made in a large dish like I have or even in a large mason jar for individual sized trifles. This DIY recipe is so easy to make and super easy to eat!

Ann Le / Anneorshine


  1. do you have to serve this right after you make it or can you put it in the fridge and serve it later?

  2. ?????????No more diys OMG

  3. Amazing quick idea but I think if the strawberries were quickly tossed in sugar and spices or the lady fingers dipped in melted chocolates or a liquor it would have taken it to another level, and also homemade whipped cream makes a huge difference

  4. take green candy melts and melt them, make a big chunk of chocolate and peel it

  5. I LOVE your baking vids! My favorite ❤️

  6. I honastny thought she put chives or green peppers on the cake in the beginning….

  7. Lol! i thought she was using armpit shaver O.o lol 

  8. It would be less dry if you dipped each ladyfingers in English cream, or a layer of custard over the fingers. Otherwise not bad.

  9. What are lady fingers we dont have them in the uk

  10. I think everyone on the planet has that trifle dish.

  11. And I love the minimalistic decor in the back!

  12. It looks sooo delicious!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  13. Use regular chocolate. The green chocolate looks like crayon shavings. Off putting, in my opinion! Haha

  14. Not a fan of green chocolate!!!?

  15. What could I use instead of Lady Fingers…

  16. Is she philipino (it's Asian

  17. No why rnt u doing any more diy

  18. You forgot to add the beef sauteed in peas and onions!

  19. Are lady fingers kinda like short bread

  20. awesome :O plus its so so easy… I love your ideas ^_^

  21. At first I thought it was tiny, then she showed her enormous bowl XD

  22. aww i wish their would be more diymas vids

  23. Your kitchen it's beautiful!!!✨
    and can't wait to try this shortcake over the holidays!! looks yummi ??

  24. Mmmmmmmmmm looks very good in my opinion

  25. To make the shaved chocolate, I use a cheese grater for it instead of a vegetable peeler. Makes a really nice curl 🙂

  26. next time try wetting the lady fingers with coffe, milk or juice 🙂

  27. I loved this video! I'm gonna try this out for my christmasparty with my friends! And i have a question: are you going to make a painting in the near future? I always LOVED them! 🙂

  28. Anne I absolutely love u and have been subscribed for a long time but can u do more christmas gift diys like diy holiday gifts or something like that


  29. No jelly not a trifle damn it ,it is a layered desert

  30. I love your DIY's they are great but in some of your videos i have trouble hearing you over your music. Other than that, this video was great Merry Christmas!

  31. They say eat your greens…
    eat green chocolate

  32. Great idea for that Christmas party you completely forgot about, and, after panicking for a minute, can throw it together quickly with after fast trip to the store! Looks delicious, Anne! xoxo

  33. So sad 🙁 last vid :((((((( make it longer next year!!!

  34. Not trying to be ride, I love your videos but I am 100% sure you are supposed to put liquid of some sort over the lady finger things so I find this funny tbh ?

  35. Omg I just realized it was diymas like Christmas ? I thought it was like diymás like in spanish for more digs or something oops but I'm so sad this is the last they were all great!

  36. Yummy!! What's your nail polish? It's very very beautiful! Thanks !

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