Easy Ombre Leopard Nails


  1. Cute but back when you sounded like a robot. You are much better now. 😉

  2. thank you so so so much this really helped me

  3. what white polish do you use

  4. you can cut the toothpick in 1 inch to have bigger dots

  5. you could do a "pond dotticure" with this (similar to the jelly sandwhich) each color spot outline in black, then a layer of sheer white. then the same color dot and Leopard and then a sheer white layer and then again. that may look super awesome.

  6. beautiful design …. and it looks good on my nails too … thanks Sandi xx

  7. sara beauty corner do it best i love her desingh

  8. Haw do you lerne to do belated

  9. I'm so happy someone got the name of the print right I hate! When ppl call leopard nail art – cheetah nail art

  10. is there any substitute for black?

  11. My friend did this for me and I love it! Thank you so much!

  12. I really love your videos there so cool plz sub to my Chanel

  13. tnks love all your nail art design from philippines!!!!

  14. Can u do a draw my life video?

  15. i just love you design plz do more for evvery occasion..>BIRTHDAYS 😀 

  16. what tipe of polish do yo use (the trade mark)

  17. This is soo awesome and cute at the same time <3 I have done a tutorial kinda like this one on my channel. Check it out if you like nail tutorials 😀

  18. Aweseome! But my right Hand will Look horroble

  19. Where do you get your base coat from?

  20. Love the design of the ombre nails awesome 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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