Easy Paint Splatter Nail Art Tutorial

A simple nail hack that allows you to easily create a fun and colorful splatter nail art effect! This DIY nail design is perfect for lifting your spirits, because it’s so fun to look at on your nails, haha!! I really love this nail style. Remember, this DIY nail art design can be messy to do, so take the precautions mentioned in this video to avoid making a mess 🙂



  • Milani – Spotlight White
  • Revlon – Full House
  • Picture Polish – Wisteria
  • Kleancolor – Neon Pink
  • Catrice – (S)wimbledon 

For Clean up:

  • Cotton Swab
  • Nail Brush
  • Acetone

Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤

PS. If you’re reading this, comment with “This nail hack splattered my day full of color!!”


  1. Oh you my life saver sandy we just bought straws !!!!??

  2. HOW DO YOU DO THIS?! I tried and FAILED.

  3. Omg hashtag Genius!!!

  4. This is such a cool and unique design.

  5. Is there anything else to use instead of straws

  6. bitch said all I needed was nail polish n straws not liquid latex smh

  7. Miri your natural nails are beautiful:)

  8. i did it with neon and black a while a go

  9. you can do it with out straws I've did it with out

  10. oh my cute nails I did do them but different color they were galaxy colors!

  11. Love these nails! Gotta try this!

  12. Does this work with a glitter polish too? I think it might look kinda cool too.

  13. She applies the top coat only in the middle of her nail why.!!

  14. This nail hack splattered my day full of color!

  15. this was very helpful +cutepolish

  16. To be honest, I don't like this look

  17. this nail hack splattered my day with color!

  18. Does it matter the size of the straw? My straws are wider than these. They're like the one's you get from fast food restaurants and I'm worried that the splatter might appear blobby or something.

  19. this design is pretty cute and cool

  20. ya but i dont have latex or tape

  21. since I don't have white I used black

  22. OMG! This is such a cute design! However I don't have latex so I guess I'll use tape! I do have that. 🙂 Yay!

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