EASY Pink Dot Ombre Nails

Pink Dot Ombre Nail Art! Beginner Nails! Easy Matte Nail Tutorial! Please SHARE if you enjoyed this video! XOXO



  1. Could you show how to do a faded French or ombre ombre French please very cute

  2. Can I do this with one color polish? because I can't buy 5 polishes . I have no money

  3. so beautiful and you make it look so easy!! i love your videos!! subbing now!

  4. I love the versatility of this nail art. You can do it with TONS of color combinations!! And it's very easy! Thanks Hannah!

  5. Can you give me a few tips on how you make your dots so perfectly round? My dots never look like that ?

  6. thanku so much for this vedio i was thinking for this design for my mother she will really like it thanku so much???

  7. You should have 1mill subs at least! Love your videos from day one.

  8. I love how you always do simple but beautiful nail art! <3

  9. would it look good if when I applied the dots of wet polish to then take a striper through them to make a water marbled effect

  10. cute girl ?cute nail ? = hanna

  11. Love it… BEautiful!!!

  12. you're so good at nail art ?☺☺

  13. Love it!!!!! I'm definitely doing this one! TFS

  14. amazing design HannahRoxNails and I can't wait to see what you come up with next

  15. sooo cute and simple. LOVE IT!

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