Easy & Quick Workout Hairstyles Tutorial

It’s about time for some easy and quick workout hairstyles. This tutorial will have you ready for the gym in no time!

These work out hairstyles ought to have you ready for any sport or exercise! I think they can work on a lot of hair lengths as well!


  1. One time I did the bubble type pony rain and my boyfriend told me it looked like I was an alligator. Never again.

  2. What did her hat say it was something hairstyle

  3. I French braid the front of my hair around the side and then stick it all up in a messy bun, ala one of your old workout hairstyles. My hair is cute and contained. Or I French braid it all back, which shows off my mermaid hair.

  4. great hairstyles! super cute 🙂

  5. I do gymnastics and I have long, thick hair. So my go to hairstyle is 2 frenchbraids that I tie together into a low bun with multiple elastics! haha! I just need my hair out of the way!

  6. For my rowing races, the go-to braid is your wonder-woman braid 😀 because if you fight you can as well look like some fierce warrior princess <3 😀 (plus it keeps the hair out of my face)

  7. I play hockey, and I was wondering if there were any good hairstyles for under a helmet? Thanks, love your videos!

  8. where your jumper from im actually obsessed with it ??❤️

  9. PLEASE review Kristen Ess’s new products!!

  10. I love these hairstyles! Quick and cute hairstyles definitely boost my confidence while weightlifting at the gym covered with mirrors ??

  11. My hair is down to my knees so it goes in a tight French braid when I workout

  12. I'm gonna need Lady Gaga's hair from the Grammys please! Best Grammy hair this year !?

  13. I already use these hairstyles but to conceal messy hair instead of to work out haha

  14. I love to braid up the back of my head and put my hair in a high bun for the gym! Great video!

  15. Has anyone with curly thick hair actually tried that booble hair style? Not that I don't trust Kayley but I want the curly seal of approval before I have the hassle of taking out the numerous hairbands and continue to keep finding them for the next few days

  16. Whenever I do 2 pigtail dutch braids they never come out even. My right hand (which is my dominant hand) always pulls the left braid to the back of my head and the right one is always more to the side. Do you have any tips on how to over come this issue?

  17. I do a single braid on the back, and to prevent my hair to get in my face, I pun a bandana… I look a mess, but I workout at home, so…who cares?? Jeje

  18. I just throw my hair up in a french braid

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