Easy Quilted Mint Nail Art


  1. You kinda sound like cutepolish, but way more innocent ☺️

  2. Didn't you top coat the design ?

  3. Hey hannah love watching your videos and those different easy textures you make on nails are just awesome. They are easy and looks decent. All thanks to you as I learned how to keep my nails healthy and clean and how to go for simple easy nail art textures for beautiful nails.

  4. Now i found an easy way to make quilted nail art..
    Thank you so much !

  5. Imma do this right now the design is perfect and so easy to do

  6. question: can this quilted look be done with standard nail polishes or does it need to be gel? Also, as they are gel in your video, do we need an LED dryer (or whatever they're called)? Thanks!

  7. Wow i thought the video was long but NOPEEEEE!!!!

  8. I love your video plz can anyone say what is the name of silver strip plzzzz

  9. Lovely and very easy to make ?

  10. wow it looks so easy for you doing it.

  11. can u tell me the name of that silver stripes

  12. I love u .u r very very talented. thanx.

  13. I just did this with Street Flair (same polish brand) LOOKS AMAZING

  14. Hannah did you add top coat again at the end?

  15. Yes! This is the cleanest quilt I've seen. Thank you, these are beautiful!

  16. This is so good. That colour.. very nice.

  17. your nails turned out beautiful! 🙂 Great idea

  18. Wow, this is a smart way to do an amazing nail art. At first I thought it was going to be hard.

  19. can you put more toenail design videos

  20. Hi!! ? can you tell me what is the difference ​between miracle-gel polish and regular polish? And what benefits do miracle-gel polish have?

  21. It's bad to cut your cuticles because they keep bad bacteria away from your nail

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