Easy Rainbow Glitter Nails

Hi everyone! I’ve actually had this video pre-recorded for about a week but I wanted to use this space to remember those that were involved in the horrible tragedies in Orlando recently, including Christina Grimmie. My heart goes out to those that are hurting. Not only in Orlando, but all over the world. Fear is not an option and I know love will ALWAYS conquer hate. I love all of you very much! XOXO

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  1. It's looking soo oooooo pretty

  2. This is so GOOD! I've always like to have this kind of nails but the other tutorials i saw used nail powders (which isn't available in our local stores in my place). Thanks! You are a life saver ❤️

  3. Hai guys today is my birthday can i have a like

  4. are u from cute polish

  5. u r sooooooo ossssummm!!!!???

  6. can I use a silver nail Polish with glitter?

  7. Could you do more giveaways? Like if you agree

  8. Your nails & hands look like those of a hand model's! 🙂

  9. its so colourful!!! and pretty i love it!i wish i could make it but im only a child:(and i dont have many polish colours!!!!!!!!!!:(:(:(

  10. is it ok if we do not use gel nail polish??

  11. I had that same silver polish already❤️

  12. where did you buy the eve by eve

  13. where did you buy all the polish?

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