Easy Rose Print Nail Art (with just a toothpick!)

EASY AND CUTE ROSE PRINT NAIL ART! Don’t forget to SHARE if you enjoyed this video! ~ XOXO

Products used:

  • Formula X – Base Coat
  • Sally Hansen – Diamond Flash Top Coat
  • Butter London – Royal Navy
  • NCLA – Like.. Totally Valley Girl
  • OPI – Hey Baby
  • Acrylic Crafting Paint


  1. It really looks too easy to do it! But it not so easy ? beautiful ?

  2. Thanks for this tutorial! Very helpful!

  3. Can acrylic paint always be used on nails?

  4. Wow these nails look adorbs!!???

  5. I did it bit u did it better

  6. I just want you to know that I was inspired by this mani and duplicated it with some OPI gel polishes I received from Preendotme. I posted the pic on Instagram but couldn't tag you. I still gave you credit on Instagram, but wanted you to know. And I wanted to thank you for the inspiration. I love Betsy Johnson!

  7. Amazing I tried it out and it was easy and it looked great thx. U have talent

  8. My nails are usually longer, but they are short right now. I thought I wouldn't be able to do this, but I did and they turned out great! Even on short nails 🙂

  9. You, my friend, just gained a subscriber! Love your nail art!! 🙂

  10. Hey, I love this video, this disign is so butiful and pretty!!! You are really the BEST???

  11. Hey , this Video is the BEST I love it ,thank you sooooo much , love all your Videos 🙂

  12. She is really really good cuwo

  13. One thumbs up isnt enough for this gorgeous design!! 

  14. Wow this is really cool for your nails.

  15. Wish app do you use to rec this video please tell me i need to know

  16. Its soo cute and lovely 😀

  17. Does the paint come off your nails

  18. OMG love ur nails especially how u put on my fave color

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