Easy Snow White Updo (1930s!)

The final Disney Princess in my series! This one comes together quickly and easily and I think you all will love it 🙂

What I used:

  • Mariana Bobby Pins
  • Headband: Forever 21
  • Bow: H&M
  • NuMe Titan 3 (1″ Attachment)*


  1. could you do this with shoulder length but slightly longer hir?

  2. so pretty! I want your haircare secrets!

  3. I knew her hair isn't short! in the cartoon, it looks tied up but everyone always makes it look like she has small hair when it's actually long hair

  4. But What if your hair is short

  5. Love it ! I have done it a couple of times and it is adorable ! ❤❤

  6. thanks for this hair tutorial today I made my monologue and everybody like my hairstyle ?

  7. <3 love 🙂 🙂 I'm sooo doing this for Halloween

  8. Hi Kaley! I have already done this hairstyle twice. I totally love it. It is easy and similar to my usual style, so I am probably gonna do it all the time. And, my hair being dark and curly and my skin fair, it comes out beautiful and I totally look like Snow White… today someone even said I looked like her before knowing where I got the idea for the updo. I do not use any social media, but if you have an email or something, I would love to share the pictures with you

  9. U look like bridgit mendler

  10. this was amazing!
    I love every single hairstyle you have done!

  11. Kannst du bitte mal auch auf deutsch oder das mann versteht was du sagst ;)ich mag dich volll ich bin verückt nach deinen videos♥♥★;-)

    I'm new to this channel, but you legit look like a princess ?

  13. You are juste AWESOME i've just subscribed Keep it up <3

  14. I can't get over how beautiful you are! And your videos are just amazing!!

  15. I would very much love hair tutorials inspired by Mad Men.  Especially The Red head girl that plays Joan. 

  16. I've just seen your chanel..and you are awesome..i keep watching all your videos..

  17. I loved this entire series! Thanks for posting these awesome tutorials.

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