Easy Snowflake Nail Art

♡ Cutepolish’s Commentary
♥ This tutorial will show you how to create a really easy and simple snowflake nail art design. Wear some cute snowflake nails this winter! 🙂

♡ Products Used
♥ Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Hardener
♥ China Glaze Fairy Dust
♥ Peripera BL602
White Nail Art Striper
♥ OPI Alpine Snow
♥ Essie Good To Go Top Coat

♡ Music
♥ Kevin MacLeod


  1. Hmmmmmmm I cannot find a nail Striper anywhere

  2. I wanted you to do a ginger bread nail art

  3. I wanted you to do a ginger bread nail art

  4. she sorta sounds like kim kardashian in this vid idk

  5. I love your nails but shouldn't you at least add  glitter on the snowflake to make it shine  and a different color on the nail and what if you don't have the white striper can you give me some advice or tell me something that I could use instead of the white striper to do my nails but I still give you a thumbs up


  6. I dont have a white striper

  7. I don't have that kind of control with my hands 😛

  8. Love it! I did this design on my index, pinky and middlefinger. On my ringfinger and thumb I made a white with lightblue gradient. I also made a cute little pinguin with a santahead and a scarf on my thumb. I looked so cute! 

  9. ur voice!! omg!! i fell in luv with it..!! luv ya.. :*

  10. you should make some cute designs for short nails

  11. I just did this on my nails this evening and it was so easy to do and turned out great! I am not sure what color you used for your blue but for anyone wondering about what color would work, I used Cinderella by Sinful Colors (can buy at any Walgreens, Walmart, etc.) and it was practically the same shade of blue and it already has a glittery shine to it! Thanks again for this tutorial, I love your nail videos so much!!

  12. Honestly, you really make hard things to do at nail polish very easy! Thanks 😀

  13. Just did this but I did an accent snowflake I sent you an Instagram!

  14. I tried this and I loved it, it was so cute

  15. When are we going to se your face?? 😀
    btw beautiful design!!! 🙂

  16. Wow, that really is an easy way to do snowflakes! Might have to try this sometime. We don't get snow here in California except for maybe in the mountains but at least this way I can have "snow" on my nails.

  17. I luv this I am totally doing this on my sisters nails lol !

  18. LOVE this christmas nail design! definitely going to try it

  19. i love your nail art! its so cute 

  20. I dont even have a base coat. By way please show present nails

  21. Where do I find a dotting tool ?

  22. where did you get your dotting tools

  23. That comment was already made…as you can see at the top…

  24. WHAT!!! no base coat to protect my natural nails???!!!

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