Easy Snowman Nail Art

♡ Cutepolish’s Commentary
♥ I thought I would create another easy and cute winter-inspired nail art design for you guys. Enjoy!

♡ Products Used
♥ Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Hardener
♥ OPI Alpine Snow
♥ China Glaze Snow Globe
♥ OPI Black Onyx
Orange Striper
♥ Essie Good To Go Top Coat

♡ Music
♥ Kevin MacLeod


  1. did my nails like that 20 mins ago !!!⛄⛄⛄⛄⛄⛄

  2. Your voice is really annoying!!!!!!!!

  3. thank you! They look so cuuuteee♥ i love it!

  4. this is just amazing I love how you did it so creative

  5. U can get the polish from a local drug store

  6. where can i get the glitter polish?

  7. Probably eBay or a craft store. but you can also use stuff around the house like a tip or a paint brush or a bobby pin! If you need more ideas she has a video on at home dotting tools 🙂

  8. @mackdancesing610- pretty sure eBay would have some):

  9. Hello everyone,I know this comment bothers everyone but please,I am making nail tutiorals and I just made my first video,I would appreciate if you would please check it,Thank you

  10. thumbs up for a nail polish collection!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I LOVEEEEE YOUR VIDEOS ALOT of people have videos called how to do snow man nails and the videos are 6mins! and i like that your videos are only a min:)

  12. You can find them at 5 below

  13. Someone knows on what webpage can I buy stripers

  14. HELP!!!! I am i the nutcracker (parody.. sort of) and i need a nail disign because my nails are horrid. i am a candle, sugar plum, candy cane, and evergreen and i need somthing to do with them. HELP PLEASE!!! candles; red and yellow and orange
    evergreens: green… maybe a christmast-y thing sugar plums: purple and pink
    candy canes: red white and possibly green If you could help me i'd be so happy. oh and by the way if you can? by tomorrow, friday, or saturday THANK YOU!!!!!!!
    you rock 🙂

  15. I have very short nails too (same problem) but it still works 🙂 just try it

  16. did this, turned out beautiful 🙂

  17. It look so easy!!!!! but every time im trying to do it on the other hand then its a mezzzzz? Answer how can you make it so beautiful…thumbs up cutepolish! =D

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