Easy Spring Floral Nail Art Design

An easy and cute floral design that’s perfect for Spring! This design by my friend Miri is a great one to try if you’re new to nail art, or if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands 😉

Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤


  1. Ficou lindo eu ameiiiiiii.???

  2. ciutepolish is so cool you should do another one

  3. add me on instagram cute_nailscnd_

  4. it looks imposible to do but it is super easy and beutiful?❤?

  5. What was that on the thumbnail?

  6. I want nail art which can be done by kids easily

  7. how about emoji nails??????

  8. Thanks for the tutorial! Just posted my recreation on Instagram! @xmariz

  9. I used to watch this girl when I was young and she didn't say her name. ? I haven't watched her in forever and now she's all open. OMG.

  10. can u do spring sunflower nails since I have a concert and its about spring

  11. SOICAL MEDIA: FOLLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM @creative.Riri_16! @riri_16_beiliber and @riri_16_is_wsome those two accounts are gone or dont work but still follo all three and snapchat add me AT Riri_164

  12. OK I am a girl people!!! And could you please do a dig on how to make fake nails!!!!!

  13. Why doesn't Mirry (check spelling) ever talk??

  14. Really pretty love the colors

  15. I feel like her friends are taking over this channel

  16. those nails are gorgeous !!!!!!

  17. today I think it was 27 or 30 degree C
    I live in Punjab, India

  18. could you do a pusheen nail art plzzzz

  19. at first I was like no those r acrylics then omg

  20. tried this for my very first attempt at nail art, pretty happy with the result, although my left looks way better than my right 😛

  21. Why haven't I heard about u before? Your so talented!! I love the nail designs!

  22. So you said that this is for "beginners" . What if your super beginner and all you have is a tub of nail polish. I want to see a design that uses no tools like the dot tool, just maybe a q-tip or tooth pick and, the polish.

  23. Can you come back instead of your friends…

  24. I love the sally hansen miracle gel

  25. her hands are alike with mine

  26. Omg Sandy!!! I LOVE UR NAILS!!!! WANT THEM

  27. this nail tutorial really gets me in the mood for spring and warm weather! Thanks cutepolish;)

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