Easy Striped Nail Art

A super easy and cute striped nail art design! This DIY nail style is so fun and simple to do at home with your nail polishes or using acrylic paints. Don’t forget to share your nail art recreations with us so we can see them 🙂


Sandi’s equipment to her create videos!

Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤


  1. Really very Beautiful……Hannah you do the perfect NailArt

  2. Is the acrylic paint safe for your nails and where do you buy the liquid latex

  3. When you watch tutorial videos, but never do them ?

  4. can you use nail polish instead of paint?

  5. Can u use regular nail polish?

  6. U r using nail paint or fabric paint for stripping?

  7. Why do u use acrylic paint?? Don't u have nail polish that u could use instead??

  8. I don't have that brush what else can I use

  9. So is it just any acrylic paint? It doesn't have to be the right type for nails like a nail acrylic paint? ???

  10. it looks cool but im too lazy to buy the paint

  11. Reminds me of a addidas or nike jacket i love it!

  12. I went out hunting for liquid latex and couldn't find it, where do find it?

  13. can use nailpolish instead of paint

  14. where do you get your base coat ?

  15. Your fan brush looks rlly weird tbh

  16. this was my favorite way to do my extra long nails… I don't do it any more because I think is too much for short nails but still my favorite ???

  17. These would make great Fourth of July nails with red white and blue.

  18. I love Hannah's nail shape ❤️?

  19. Guys can i ask something whats that thing that she puts on her finger not on her nails? 🙂

  20. those nails look like my pants and my pants are cool

  21. Would it work if we used nail polish instead of paint ?

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