Easy Summer Beach Nail Art | DIY Nail Design Using Studs!

Looking for a quick and easy DIY summer nail design? We’ve got you covered! This adorable and fast summertime beach manicure is simply gorgeous! In just a few easy steps, you’ll have the perfect nail art design for those hot summer days.


  • Base Coat: Sinful Colors
  • Hema – Beach Nude
  • Hema – Rapid Blue
  • Silver Seashell, Star, and Pearl Studs
  • Top Coat: Revlon Multi Care

Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤


  1. I love the tutorial, just wish they'd link where to buy the products! !

  2. This is so cute! I love the seashells

  3. This is so cute! I love the seashells

  4. Woah 1st comment it sais first

  5. if you love nails and need inspiration on design ideas check out my IG @loverofnailartdesigns

  6. how long does the sinful colors base coat last?

  7. well anyways!!!!! 1st comment!!!!!

  8. I loved the seashell and the stars 🙂


  10. Are toi from Holland?!?!?! Jens is only in Holland!!

  11. is Miri netherlands? because Hema is a polish from the netherlands!

  12. If I did this, I'd do the blue stripe horizontally at the tip of my nails, then add the shells on the nude. It looks more like a beach that way 😛

  13. My favorite are the seashells??

  14. I'm so surprised that you use the Dutch brand 'HEMA'! Where did you find it where you live? 😮

  15. That looks like it was done by a professional bc that looks amazing

  16. I am all about the beach life style nails (Florida life). Where you buys the beach studs? Beautiful!!!

  17. I love the shell it's SOO cute????? !!

  18. Where can I buy the exact same nailarts you have? I cant find these online 🙁

  19. where do you get the sea shells

  20. So cute and modern! I love the color block-y vibe! Great job Miri and Sandi! <3

  21. why don't you just use nail vinyls?

  22. this is sooo cute haha thanks for this ♡♡

  23. For another nail art tutorial, could you do 100 or more nail polish coats?

  24. I love these SO much because they are PERFECT for the summer! I love the seashell one the best!

  25. You should do a camping trip nail art design with marshmallows and a campfire and a tent and stuff like that I think it would look great and I would wear it every summer

  26. i loooove the little shell! great design

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