Easy Tribal Print Nails

Tribal Print Nails: An easy and trendy design incorporating ombre pastels!

Colors used:

  • OPI Alpine Snow
  • Formula X Infatuated
  • Models Own Lemon Meringue
  • Formula X Alive


  1. Omg! I would totally try that nail design on my summer vacation!

  2. This is amazingly perfect and easy

  3. love the tutorial, just wondering, are you from Newfoundland or Ireland because your accent is just like my dad's!

  4. instead of a black stripper can i use the tip of a fine black gel eyeliner?

  5. What else could you use instead of a makeup sponge because we do not have one

  6. I like how you gave tips throughout the video that was very VERY helpful! Nice job!

  7. Do a craola marker plz plz plz

  8. It looks amazing but my nails are short :-/

  9. How do u grow your nails long and strong ?

  10. To make those thin lines can u use a toothpick

  11. What if you don't have a striper

  12. Love it who taught you how to do all these nail arts??

  13. I hate my school cause we are not aloud to have nail polish ;(

  14. do a konad stamping plate nail art!

  15. Love youuuuuu !!! Tanks is veryyyy beautiful !!

  16. Love its nails <3 thanks!!

  17. she sounds a lot like barbie . 

  18. What brand of white nail polish do you use? Mine needed sooo many coats because of how thin it was, and then it got all chunky after about a month.

  19. I dont have a striper….. What else can i use???

  20. U know wat I wonder: how her right hand side came out ??maybe it's bad like mine

  21. Hi! I was wondering if you could please make a video with nail art with no tools please? I love your creations!

  22. hi cutepolish:)
    this sponge thing doesnt work,
    i painted the colores onto the sponge,
    and when i tried to sponge it over to my nail,
    the color fade away.
    i tried to add a more layers of this,
    but it didnt work.
    any advice? 🙂
    btw – i really love your voice <3

  23. what the freak??!! u have everything

  24. U R SOOOO RICH!!!!! 
    I AM REALLY JEALOUS U HAVE ALL THAT STUFF AND NAIL DESIGNS AND EVERYTHING ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry I'm saying this but i don't really like people that are rich they get me mad on how they show off their stuff. but ur different and u don't do that!!        LOVE YAH!!


  26. So… I tried it and I end up with rainbow nails.. the colors mixed =( 

  27. You should do the blindfolded nail painting tag.

  28. Epic! My nails may be too short

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